Vinnie Hacker is under fire for allegations about being a racist and saying the n-word. His tweets and videos are going viral on social media. 

And as a result, he is facing a backlash from his fans and followers.

Here is everything you need to know about it. 

Vinnie Hacker's Racist Allegations

Recently, Hacker posted a TikTok where he allegedly said the n-word. He has deleted the video, but various accounts have reposted it on Instagram and Twitter.

It started with a picture of Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach, who said, "get me a donut and ill be your girlfriend." After that, Hacker appeared and lip-synced to Trippie Redd's 'The Grinch.' 

Then, the video ends with a picture of Portgas D. Ace from One Piece. The lyrics of the song went, "Yeah, yeah, trapping out the m**********' Ritz. Yeah, moving bales, n-word bear, moving bricks."

Vinnie Hacker defending himself amidst racist allegations

Vinnie Hacker defending himself. (Source: Instagram)

The TikToker lip-synced during the part when Redd said the derogatory term. Therefore, many believed that Hacker sang along with the singer. 

Moreover, people presumed that he had actually said the slur since he deleted the video. After that, the allegations started. 

Many questioned why he deleted the video. After others had reposted the video, Hacker received mixed reactions. 

While many supported the accusations, many defended him against the allegations. Hacker received support, especially after the video was posted on an Instagram page called @tiktokinsiders. 

People defending Vinnie Hacker against racist allegations.

People defending Vinnie Hacker against racist allegations. (Source: Instagram)

People in the comments claimed that he never said the n-word. His fans believed people were simply trying to portray him as racist even when he did not say the slur. 

Hacker also jumped on the comment section and defended himself. He claimed he said "oh easy" and not the derogatory word. 

He also gave an explanation for deleting the video. He did so to upload the TikTok on his anime account when he got it back. 

After the n-word accusations, Hacker also received backlash for his deleted "white women tweet." Once again, he was accused of being a racist, but it was directed at white women this time. 

The deleted tweet said, "man it's just a bunch of white girls." Hacker said he deleted the white woman tweet because of how people were reacting to it. 

The content behind the deleted tweet was that the TikToker referred to Hinge, where there were only white girls. Like before, he received mixed reactions for the tweet. 

Vinnie Hacker's Previous Allegations

This is not the first time Hacker has been accused of being a racist or saying the n-word. In July 2021, he was accused of saying the slur in a live stream. 

He defended himself, saying that he was thanking a fan for subscribing to him and saying their name fast. A person shared the video where Hacker allegedly said the slur. 

The transcription for the video said, "uhh Nikki thank you for the sub" and not the n-word. It seems like Hacker is tired of being deemed as a bad person. 

In September 2020, he tweeted, "I feel like people randomly say people on TikTok are homophobes and racist just for attention. That's kinda messed up, isn't it?"

Looking at the pattern, Hacker might get accused of something similar in the future. But it seems like his loyal fans will always be by his side to defend and protect him.