In a recently uploaded interview, famous TikToker Vinnie Hacker was asked about his "sexuality." However, Hacker's answer has created a situation of ambiguity.

Recently, The Hollywood Fix, a popular celebrity-gossip-related YouTube channel, uploaded a video clip where popular showrunner Megan Pormer can be seen interviewing Hacker for her show, Megan Pormer Show

While the interview is yet to be aired officially, the video clip gives its audience a glimpse of their conversation.


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What was Hacker Asked in the Interview?

Toward the end of the said clip, Pormer asked Hacker whether his sexuality was "one of the reasons," that made Hacker "a TikTok sensation."

In his response, The Hype House member approved the question's idea as he said, "Yeah, probably." In a follow-up question, where he was asked about how "comfortable," the TikToker is "with your sexuality," Hacker said,

I'm very comfortable with it, you know. I am at the point where it's never been something you know, especially like the support of friends and family growing up, knowing that I have their support no matter what. I became comfortable with it. I have been comfortable with it for basically my whole life. 

The Interview Has Sparked Rumors Related to Hacker's Sexuality

After the video was uploaded on YouTube, online users went into a frenzy and started letting their thoughts known in the comment section.

One user questioned the interviewer's choice of words and asked if Pormer wanted to ask about Hacker "being sexy on TikTok" or did she intentionally ask Hacker about his "actual sexuality?" As per the said YouTube user, his answer to Pormer's follow-up question seemingly revealed his sexual identity as being gay.

While another user was convinced that Pormer was definitely asking Hacker about "him showing his body on the internet," and the question was not related to Hacker's sexuality. The user's comment ends with the claim, "Hes not gay!"

Another keen observer used the forum to highlight the ambiguity of Pormer's follow-up question about Hacker being comfortable with his sexuality.


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The said user argued the validity of the question's logic and complained why a "straight" individual would be asked whether he feels comfortable with his sexual orientation "like being straight isn't accepted in society." 

Another YouTube user had an insightful argument and said that "sexuality doesn't necessarily mean sexual orientation," referring to it as a "broad term."

The user further asked fellow YouTube users not to "jump into conclusions" without knowing the "meaning of it."

Presently, claims and suggestions of the TikToker being gay are doing rounds on the internet. However, Hacker supposedly has a relationship history which at least suggests a different story.

In the light of the multiple media reports, the internet personality has been called to be dating several women in the past, all of them being social media influencers. And recently, controversial Instagram model Renata Ri was suggested to be Hacker's girlfriend.


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However, Hacker did not hold back during his Twitch stream; the social media personality canceled out the rumors rather angrily.

While Hacker has been linked with celebrities such as Nailea, Nikita Dragun, Malu Trevejo, Renata Ri, and Lex in the past, concrete information regarding his relationship with the said influencers is scarce.

However, according to one of his videos with fellow Hype House member Noah Beck, Hacker revealed his insecurities to make his dating life public. It is common knowledge that fans of TikTok star Hacker tend to behave aggressively and cause harm.