TikTok allows users to make all kinds of videos, from cooking, DIYs to comedy and beauty, but it also enables die-hard fangirls to simp over their favorite male influencers. TikTok star Vinnie Hacker is one of the newest addition to the Hype House. And he has got social media abuzz with his killer good looks. 

Ever since he was spotted hanging out with the Hype House members, he skyrocketed to fame. Girls left all kinds of comments on his social media with some joking that he could not get a girlfriend or else they would leave his fan club. 


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Vinnie Hacker and Lex Dating

While girls everywhere were simping over Hacker, in late June, a girl named Lex, who went by TikTok handle "66sixela6," uploaded a TikTok that asking Hacker to hang out with her. In the video, she iterated that she just wanted to "smoke a j" with Hacker and claimed she was not a simp. 

It worked as it caught Hacker's attention. He replied and said he was willing to hang out with her. After this interaction, Hacker's fans went on full detective mode to see if they hung out. They stalked their social media and found out that they had both taken pictures in what appeared to be a hotel or restaurant bathroom. 

Soon, a TikTok video made by a user started gaining traction. In the video, it looked like Hacker and Lex were not only in the same bathroom but in the same bedroom, which started rumors that the two were in a relationship. 

Vinnie Hacker and Lex's Interaction on The TikTok Shaderoom (Source: The TikTok Shaderoom Instagram)

After that, all hell broke loose. Hacker's fans started harassing her about her looks and said that she was chasing clout. It got so bad that she deactivated her Instagram, although she kept her TikTok. But some fans expressed their concern and hoped that she was taking care of her mental health. 

Lex recently uploaded TikTok of her lip-syncing to Harley Quinn's lines. Fans opined that her eyes looked swollen, like she was crying, and took to the comment section to apologize for all the hate that came her way. 

Vinnie Hacker Scared to Have a Girlfriend

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the online mob came after Hacker's rumored girlfriends. 

This has happened on several occasions, with Hacker expressing frustration over the incidents on a June 25 episode of the 'BFFs' podcast with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards. The hosts asked him how he dealt with the overwhelming nature of his fanbase, who came after his alleged partner.

The TikToker admitted that he was genuinely afraid to talk to girls or get a girlfriend. However, he explained that he was nonchalant about getting attacked. 

So far, Hacker and Lex have confirmed nothing and remained tight-lipped about the whole incident.