Being open about her life struggles is the key to how Nikita Dragun has earned a legion of fans. From being open about her challenging journey as a transgender, the slumps in her career, to her plastic surgery choices, the social media influencer has proven herself to be an open book. 

And the statement remains true as for the inspiration behind her tattoos as well. Dragun has six body marks as of this writing, and all of them are inspired by her favorite mythical creature — the dragon. 

Nikita Dragun on Her Dragon-Themed Tattoos 

In an interview with Galore magazine back in September 2017, Dragun gushed about her tattoos and shared why all of them were dragon-themed designs. "Honestly, dragons have always meant so much to me," she began. 


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The makeup artist elaborated on her statement, saying dragons represent multiple traits, such as intelligence, competence, control, power, and independence. In addition, she noted dragons were non-existent and claimed they played a vital role in history through many cultures.

In her own words, the creatures played out as being the ultimate, undeniabe, powerful forces of mythology. Without question, the 25-year-old — self-proclaimed mother of Draguns — implied that she preferred dragon tattoos because they symbolized strength. 

At the time of the interview, the Belgian-born artist had only three tattoos, but she has added three more designs on her body. Here's a quick rundown of her body arts and the meaning behind them. 

Dragun's First Three Tattoos

A black dragon's head is the first tattoo Dragun marked on her body. In the aforementioned interview, she revealed she got the design from a tattoo artist named Evan Kim right after her school days.

As per her accounts, she wanted it to remind the hardships she faced during her school and the freedom she felt after being on her own. Dragun mentioned she loved the design, reasoning it was front and center "warding off bad luck."


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In the same sit-down, the makeup artist remarked her tattoo represented someone. And she stated her sternum design was her father because "it's so masculine and right in your face."

The second tattoo Dargun got is the most noticeable dragon on her back. Because the design comprises a giant red dragon with feminine details, the YouTube star mentioned it represented her mother. 

"Its just such a powerful feeling knowing that my mother has my back no matter what," she added. 

The third tattoo Dragun got is on the side of her left wrist. The design comprises the word 'dragon' written in Arabic. 

Nikita Dragun's Latest Tattoos 

Dragun has inked both sides of her rib cage; she has tattooed a black and white head of a dragon on her left side.

As for the other side, Dragun went out of her usual design and inked a picture of Quan Am — the God of mercy in Vietnamese Buddhism.

The internet personality has a black and red dragon tattooed on the left side of her hip as the recent addition to her body arts. Needless to say, the top fashion model flaunts her body art on her socials through glamourous photoshoots.