Russian TikToker and Instagram model Renata Valliulina, popularly known as Renata Ri, is facing backlash following her controversial interview. An exclusive conversation previously recorded in her native Russia allegedly exposed her as a racist. In the interview, the model was noted for speaking rudely of men from the black community, calling them ugly.

The controversy recently surfaced after a video with an English translation was posted on Instagram. However, the actual interview was uploaded around six months ago.

In the translated clip, the internet personality can be seen talking about her dating history after Ri was asked by the interviewer how she first started dating.

Renata Ri's Response Regarding the Controversy

After her interview, which supposedly contained rude remarks, started doing rounds on the internet, the Instagrammer recently took to her account and attempted to explain the situation.  

Ri posted an Instagram story containing a lengthy text where she was seen addressing the controversy. The model began by calling her English "not great" and maintained it as her reason for not speaking about the matter in a Live video session.

In her writing, Ri called the translator's job "very poor," and then explained what she actually meant in the video, which has since gone viral after the translated video surfaced online.

Ri Renata's IG Story

Source: Instagram

The Russian model defended herself, saying that she was only talking about being stranded in a "foreign country" among "foreigners." She denied talking about a specific race and stated that she did not call them to be ugly. 

Ri also shared feeling disheartened after the controversy came to her attention.

Renata Ri's Statement Backfired

Online users expressed their dissatisfaction not long after Ri's statement came to their notice. Many Russian speakers came forward and claimed that Ri was lying about the translation in her statement.

The online community has even accused Ri of deceiving non-Russian speakers with her recent explanation.

Also, during the same interview, native Russian users have claimed Ri to have made remarks about one of her teachers using the word "fat."

The fiasco turned ugly for Ri after claims emerged that she actually used the n-word in her interview instead of the initially perceived term "black men" while referring to the "foreigners."

Interestingly, in the original video of Ri's interview, she can be heard saying something similar to the n-word, a fact brought to light by many Instagram fan accounts. 

Renata Ri and Vinnie Hacker

Apart from facing allegations for her supposed racist remarks, Ri is also involved in another controversy.   

One of Ri's friends said the model always had big dreams of moving to Los Angeles and making a modeling career in America.

Her friend accused Ri of posting nude pictures to get the attention of older men. 

Per the allegations, Ri later deleted her nude images from her social media account after gaining fame and money in her early days. 

The model eventually followed her dream of moving to America and started living in L.A. some time ago.

While in L.A., Ri is accused of going after men and following their life patterns, including doing things they like and dislike, to build up a relationship for her gain. 

She is accused of doing the same with American social media personality Vinnie Hacker.  

According to Ri's friend, Hacker liked Ri's social media pictures paving the way for the Russian model to hook up with Hacker.