Sommer Ray is a popular model and Instagram star who rose to fame after posting singing and dancing videos with her mother on Vine.

Presently, her social media reach is in millions. She has over 26 million followers on Instagram, 1.87 million subscribers on YouTube, 10.8 million followers on TikTok, and 1.2 million followers on Twitter.

The majority of Ray's content revolves around her fitness and workout routine.

Since rising to fame, the 24-year-old model has also been involved in several relationships and has had boyfriends. With that, people are curious to know who she is dating currently. 

Ray Is Reportedly Single Now

The Instagram model is reportedly single at present. Even her social media handle does not show glimpses of any possible boyfriend or partner.

In fact, she made a candid tweet on June 1, 2021, asking where was her future partner while saying that she didn't need a man.

The tweet received several replies where many of her fanboys commented asking her to make them her boyfriend.

"I could be yours if you give me a chance, unlike every girl I've ever talked to," one fan's comment read.

Broke off with Actor Tayler Holder

Ray's last known relationship was with actor and singer Tayler Holder. They had an on/off relationship throughout the first half of 2020, with numerous alleged breakups.

They officially broke off in mid-2020 after the Instagram star accused him of cheating on her.

But Holder denied all the accusations made on him during his appearance on the BFFs podcast with Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy on June 8, 2021. 

He explained the reason for their breakup, stating that they had an argument at a Jake Paul party after she saw him speaking to his ex-girlfriend.

Ray saw it like he was cheating on her, but according to Holder, he was, instead, asking his ex-girlfriend to leave him and Ray alone and respect their relationship.

"The whole relationship was lowkey super toxic. She broke up with me every week," he claimed.

She Briefly Dated Machine Gun Kelly

The stunning model and singer Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, dated briefly for three months. They called off the relationship at the end of April 2020.

Speaking on Logan Paul's podcast Impaulsive in March 2021, Ray claimed that Kelly cheated on her with his current girlfriend, Megan Fox. She explained that she was still dating the singer when he started dating Fox while filming Midnight in the Switchgrass.

"I don't really feel bad saying that because he did kind of cheat on me with Megan Fox if you look at the timeline," she said.

Ray also revealed that she and Kelly never had intercourse despite dating for around 3 months.

According to her, she makes her partner wait at least three months to ensure they are someone good for her — and Kelly never passed her test.

Her Dating History

The list of Ray's relationships and boyfriends is quite long, knowing that she takes her time to understand her partners before fully committing to them.

Doing that, she also dated Bryan Quang Le, a YouTuber popularly known as RiceGum. Their first picture surfaced on Ray's Instagram in August 2016, whereas RiceGum uploaded a YouTube video titled 'Reuniting With Sommer Ray (Last Video About my EX)' in May 2020.

Ray was also linked with actor Max Ehrich in October 2017. Afterward, she dated Love Island USA star Bennett Sipes in 2018.