Fame comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

The famous Instagram model, Sommer Ray was able to take the advantages of her fame and invest in her career. Today, she is a successful model and a YouTuber with a massive fan following. However, it's disadvantaging side caught her love life. At a young age of 21, she had to face a lot of rumors and link-ups, even with her own best friend. But all of those rumors got turned down when she introduced her boyfriend in 2018. The real question is, are they still together? Let's find out.

The Denver, Colorado native was a typical teenager living her life before she started posting multiple Vine videos with her mother, singing and dancing while she drove. Those videos eventually made her famous, and she began pursuing her career as a mode. She is prominently known as an Instagram star and a bikini athlete model. Her stunning pictures don’t only grab the attention of the media but the controversies she gets immersed in makes this young influencer a hot topic to watch out.

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People on the internet judge her a lot saying she has some "Daddy Issues" but the fact is that she is very close with her parents. Many people know about her professional life as she put the information out in public through her social media but do you know about her personal life?

Sommar Ray’s Bio: Age & Ethnicity

Ray was born on September 25, 1996, in Denver, Colorado making her a Virgo. She grew up with three siblings. While she got her American genes from her parents, but her ethnicity is unknown.

She heights 1.68m perfectly fitting to become a model. She weights 55 kg and wears a dress size 8.

Bodybuilder Dad Inspired Sommar's Career Choice

In an early age, Sommer was exposed to physical fitness by her father. Her father, being a fitness bodybuilder was an inspiration for her to stay healthy and fit. Later in her teenage years, she started pursuing a job as a bikini model with the guidance of her father. That's when she began experimenting on famous social media sites, especially on Instagram, uploading pictures and contents from the bikini competitions in which she participated.

However, upon realizing girls were getting famous on social media sites being sexy, she started posting more 'sexy stuff' rather than the 'fitness stuff' she did earlier. Now, she has around 19.4 million followers.

Sommar Ray Is Not Another Average Instagram Model

Sommer started taking Instagram seriously from 2015 and quickly gained a massive following and monetary success. When she reached 40,000 followers - brands began approaching her to work with her. With her growing fame, she attracted more brand endorsements, and her pictures began circling the internet more.

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Being Young Age Model: Sexy stuff & booty showoff made Sommer Ray famous; she now stands proud to inspire women through her natural looks and positive personality (Photo: Sommer Ray's Instagram)

As a fitness model, she now focuses on utilizing YouTube and Instagram to showcase her nature as a brand, instead of just her body. She is proud that she hasn’t undergone any plastic surgeries unlike any other Instagram models on the internet. She credits her genes and healthy diet for her fantastic body.

Who Is Sommer Ray's Boyfriend In 2018?

For someone as sexy as Sommer, it is natural that many people are interested in knowing her dating profile. And that is what we have here for you.

In the past (2017), rumors were circulating that this American beauty was dating another YouTube celebrity Rice Gum. As it turns out, she has repeatedly denied the rumors about dating Rice, who according to her is her 'best' friend she ever had.

Likewise, the year 2017, Somer had witnessed relationship rumors not just with Rice but also with American actor and singer Max Ehrich. The stories of her dating Max began circulating in October 2017 when they made their first public appearance together on Happy Death Day premiere at Universal Studios Hollywood. But neither Max nor Sommer has commented on their relationship.

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Boyfriend: Model Sommer's and her boyfriend Bennett getting cozy in their Instagram post (Picture: DailyEntertainmentNews.com)

While in 2018, Sommer was dating another model named Bennett. Working in the same modeling industry, both started becoming much closer to each other. But the couple called their relationship off in August the same year when Bennett was caught up in a fight with Bendjima Younes (the ex-boyfriend of the reality TV star, Kourtney Kardashian).

While Bendjima was having a conversation with Sommer, Bennett didn't like their closeness, and after exchanging few words with Bendijma, they fought. This incident caused the split of the couple.

And, as of now, Sommer is enjoying her singlehood and working with brands promoting her bikinis.