Reality star Natalie Halcro welcomed her baby daughter Dove on February 4, 2020. She announced the joyful news on her Instagram account but refrained from revealing her partner's name.

While there are rumors her baby daddy is her last boyfriend, Aygemang Clay, the former WAGS star has remained tight-lipped.

Halcro's Daughter Is a Year Old

Halcro's daughter Dove turned one on February 4, 2021. The television celebrity took to Instagram to wish her baby girl and share that her life changed after Dove's birth. 

Dove was born during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. To support the new mother, Halcro's mom Rhonda came from Canada and stayed with them for nine entire months. She cared for the mother-daughter duo, both mentally and physically. 

As a public figure, Halcro has chronicled her motherhood on her Instagram, sharing super adorable pictures with her mini-me and giving everyone else a baby fever. 

She had first disclosed her pregnancy back in November 2020. Posting a picture of her baby pod, she revealed she was already 29 weeks pregnant. She also said it was one of the reasons to be thankful in 2020.

About Her Possible Baby Father

Rumors are rife that Halcro's baby father is model/actor Aygemang Clay, the man she was dating before the pregnancy announcement. 

Clay appeared on Halcro's show Relatively Nat and Liv in its second episode. He joined the family vacation on Whistle, where Halcro shared with her family members that she had reconciled with him after a six-month gap.

The pair admittedly had an on-and-odd relationship but yet a strong connection. Halcro explained that she and her partner had an "amazing chemistry."

The chemistry, however, didn't last long as the pair had their priorities set in the following episode. Clay had gone to Florida, and Halcro had decided to focus on her clothing line and career. 

Since then, the 33-year-old has never mentioned anything about Clay while also staying tight-lipped about her daughter's dad. Until and unless she unveils the secret, her baby father will remain a mystery. 

Halcro's Plastic Surgery Rumors

Another gossip that keeps the rumor mill busy is Halcro's plastic surgery speculations.

Since rising to fame from her stints at WAGS as the girlfriend of NFL linebacker Shaun Phillips, followers have witnessed a massive change in Halcro's facial structures.

The evolution of her appearance has many believe that Halcro has done plastic surgery. But she has not gone under the knife to date. 

That being said, she has done Coolsculpting through Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Garo Kassabian and embraced some jawline fillers. Coolsculpting is a process where fat cells from the waist, abdomen, hips, neck, or thighs can be frozen and killed using controlled temperature. 

Halcro was accompanied by her cousin and best friend Olivia Pierson for the treatment. 

Besides special techniques, the Langley native's beauty results from her makeup techniques and skills. The fashion blogger would have opted to be a makeup artist if she was not a model.