Porsha Williams has kept her fans on edge with constant updates on her relationship with Simon Guobadia.

With the recent news of the surprise engagement and a few possibly misleading pictures, fans couldn't help but wonder if Williams is pregnant with her fiancé's baby. 

Guobadia Confirmed the Engagement

The groom-to-be confirmed the engagement speculations on May 10, 2021, with an Instagram post featuring the massive emerald-cut ring he proposed to her with. The post was accompanied by a loving caption where he made things official. 

Before that, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star had teased fans with hints of her engagement on May 9, 2021, via an Instagram post.

The engagement ring on her finger was clearly visible in the post, but she decided not to reveal everything just yet. However, there was something more in those pictures that caught the fans' attention. 

The post featured her wearing a loose-fitting colorful dress that completely obscured her figure, leading fans to speculate further that the reality star was, in fact, hiding a baby bump. 

Williams Is Not Pregnant, Source Revealed

A source with HollywoodLife confirmed that the reality star is well-aware of the rumors floating around, but she is not pregnant. To get her point across, Williams has been downing cocktails and shots on Instagram. 

On Thursday, May 13, 2021, she took to Instagram to share a video of her making a cocktail toast on a brunch hosted to celebrate her BFF Shamea Morton's birthday. 

Soon after, she shared a series of pictures of her wearing a skintight, bright red bodysuit, as she flaunted her physique, but more importantly, the absence of a baby bump. 

The snap also appears to be recent, as, in the snap, she was wearing the beautiful engagement ring that Guobadia got her just a few days ago. 

Fans Not Totally Convinced

The post also featured a quote from Tony A. Gaskins Jr., implying that the fans were rushing to conclusions without fully understanding the facts. 

These posts were enough to convince some fans that the pregnancy rumor was indeed a hoax. "Welp. This kills the preggo rumors,” commented one fan. 

However, there were still those who found it hard to believe. For instance, there was one fan who wrote, "I love you Porsha but you ain’t fooling us. I know this is an old picture, show that baby bump."

Williams Is Not Planning the Wedding Just Yet

The same source also shared insights regarding Williams' wedding plans, or rather lack thereof, with the outlet. According to the source, she has not started planning for the wedding.

Instead, she is cherishing things as they are now and is on cloud nine. She is delighted to begin a new chapter in her life. 

Things are going fast for the reality star, to say the least. Believe it or not, it was only three days ago, on May 10, 2021, that she came clean about the relationship with her fans.