Tensions are high in the US city of Brooklyn Center in Minnesota since the police shooting of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old black man, by officer Kim Porter of the Brooklyn Center Police.

The unfortunate event that the police chief labeled an accident has given rise to protests and a subsequent curfew. As George Floyd’s memory is still fresh in the cultural consciousness, many people, including celebrities, have voiced their demand for justice against police brutality. 

Kim Kardashian recently took to her Instagram stories to demand justice for Daunte Wright. In her attempt to raise public awareness about the incident while prompting people to help out, the beauty mogul shared a series of stories on her profile.

Kim Kardashian Demands Justice For Daunte Wright

Kim Kardashian Demands Justice For Daunte Wright (Source: Instagram)

The series of stories began with a picture of the victim augmented onto a digitally created frame with a prompt urging her followers to “say his name.”

Every time Kardashian opens up on the platform, her 214 million followers take note, and she used this extensive reach to give more wind to the now-trending hashtag “#JusticeForDaunte Wright.” Not just that, the story that followed trailed the terrifying story of the American victim. The bone-chilling text read, 

He was only 20 years old and a father of a 1 year old child. He was unarmed. His body was left on the ground by the police for 6+hours. 

The last story in the series detailed how the public could help if they so chose. The post provided details on Minnesota-specific organizations to support the cause, projects that supported bain, and legal help for those who needed it.

The protestors were urged to take the necessary precautions, keeping the ongoing pandemic in mind. Although the Kardashain’s support definitely educated quite a few regarding the ongoing crisis, the post was made initially by CHNGE. 


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The unfortunate incident took place as the police were trying to arrest Wright on an outstanding warrant after he was pulled over for a traffic violation. As Wright was trying to flee the scene by getting back into his car, the officer on scene intended to tase him but accidentally fired her handgun. 

The police department also made the bodycam footage public at a news conference. “I’ll Tase you! I’ll Tase you! Taser! Taser! Taser!,” the officer Potter was heard shouting as Wright broke free and got behind the wheel. 

Disclaimer: Some viewers may find the contents of this video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Right after, Potter fired a single shot from her handgun as Wright fled the scene. “Holy [expletive]! I shot him,” officer Potter exclaimed. The gunshot wound was fatal and the victim crashed a few streets away. 

The shooting has sparked a new wave of protests amongst citizens already on edge with the trial of the first of four police officers charged in George Floyd’s death going on just a few miles away.