The Canadian reality star Olivia Pierson talks fondly on the topic 'husband,' and she makes it looks like she is hyped up to start a family. But with her dating life being overshadowed, for the most part, there is seldom chance that one can process what’s on what she means when she talks on the husband matter.

The British Columbia native is most prominently recognized as one of the casts in the E! Network reality show WAGS. Most people also know her as a YouTuber alongside her best friend/cousin, Natalie Halcro. Their channel has more than 260 thousand subscribers, and they make out an average of 2.1k  from YouTube in a year.

Tutorial Time: Olivia Pierson teaches quick and easy bun hairstyles on her channel  NAT & LIV (Published: 30 March 2016)

Olivia is also a blogger for the site Jerome by Nat and Liv. With lots of things going on in her professional part, she is supposed to have big numbered net worth.

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Olivia Pierson’ Bio (Age): Beauty Caught Her Attention At Young Age

Pierson was born on 20 August 1989 in Langley Township, British Columbia, Canada. She shares her parents Julia and Brian with three brothers and a sister.

The 29-year-old was captivated by her mother’s makeup and wanted to look like her as a child. She would ransack her mother’s closet to try on her dresses. No wonder she has grown up into a fashionista.

Despite her indulgence in beauty and fashion, she detests the rising trend of plastic surgery as she prefers natural features over the synthetic one. And her natural features are already so alluring. It isn’t a surprise if guys fall for her at an instant.

The Times Olivia Pierson Was Caught Dreaming For A Husband

It is a no-brainer to figure out that the reality star is a big dreamer when it comes to her future. She hopes to be a successful professional and meanwhile, she has her hopes high on living a well-settled life with a husband in the future.

In an Interview with Fame10 (June 2016), she showed her optimistic side regarding the future.

I personally see myself hopefully on the way to starting a family, at least have a ring! Lol, and professionally I see the brand NAT+LIV doing amazing. Whether it’s a clothing line or a beauty line, I just see it expanding to all things beauty and fashion!

That's not the only time she spilled about longings for a partner. While the world was in the awning over the royal wedding of Prince Harry with Megan Markle, she was hoping for the big day to knock her doors.

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Getting Married Huh!: Olivia Pierson tweets about her willings to get married on 19 May 2018. (Photo: Olivia Pierson's Twitter)

So, she’s hoping to get married by 2020! Which means she must have a boyfriend for the least but who is he? Or is there any at all?

Is Olivia Pierson Dating A Boyfriend?

The fashion blogger is a big bragger about her urge to marry a husband. But the irony is, she is not as outgoing when it comes to displaying her dating status. Maybe because the last time she tried to show, it didn’t end well.

During the 2017 Valentines, Olivia posted a valentine wish shouting out loud that basketball player Joel Embiid was her man only to get the post turned down by Joel in the most savage way possible.

Noy Your Man Girl: Olivia Pierson posted a sweet Valentine's post for Joel Embiid in 2017 which he called out as fake (Photo:

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The basketball hunk turned down the news calling out on it as ‘fake’, and later Olivia removed the post form her Instagram.

She still hopes to be with the man of her dreams, but there is no peek hole to know whether she’s looking for him or has found him already.