American YouTuber Tristan Tales timely talks and makes videos related to girlfriend topic, but whenever it comes to his real life, he keeps his love life details under the wraps.

California native rose to stardom with his viral hits in Snapchat. Later, he got globally recognized for being one of the web group Team 10's members. 

Best At His Gig: Tristan Tales hilariously prepares a mother's day gift under 30 seconds (Published on 12 May 2018)

The Youtuber has also worked with famous brands such as AwesomenessTV, Red Bull, and Coca-Cola. 

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Tristan Tales' Tale Of Youtube Journey At Young Age

Tristan who was born on 21 August 1994, has a close bond with his family including his mother and father. He has six siblings, and his older sister got married on 18 February 2018.

23-year-old Tristan started using snapchat and uploaded numerous videos from a young age. His video titled College Gym Safari Tour ended up being his first hit after becoming viral overnight. Through the video, he garnered huge attention and created a fan base.

Tristan treated his fans with realness and interaction which later helped him have more followers. He even started collaborating with other Snapchat users such as Jake Paul, Georgia Copter and so on. 

Moreover, Tristan started posting on the YouTube channel named Tristan Tales and accumulated immense popularity. He also joined the Jake Paul's Team 10 and collaborated with the members of the group.

However, at the end of 2017, he left the group and continued his YouTubing with fellow pal Tessa Brooke who also left the group with him at the same time. 

Tristan has amassed over 1 million subscribers in YouTube since he joined the site back on 4 March 2015 whereas he has earned over 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

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With his video getting more than 18.5 million views combined, it is likely that he makes a hefty amount of fortune. However, Tristan kept the exact figure of his net worth concealed to date. 

Know How Tristan Tales Confessed Love To Girlfriend; It's A Prank!

Tristan timely makes videos about relationship and girlfriends. He usually collaborates with his partner Tessa Brooke who lives with him. The togetherness of the duo makes many of their fans believe that they are dating in real life too.

Pranked: Tristan Tales and Tessa Brooke prank each other with their "I like you" confession on 12 October 2017 (Photo: YouTube)

Interstingly, the pair even acts as a couple in their challenge videos and makes fun of each other by pranking. One such instance is in October 2017, when Tristan pranked Tessa saying that he liked her.

Tessa also did a prank and said that she liked Tristan too. But as the video came to an end, the pair admitted that they were only pranking. 

While many of the fans ships Tristan and Tessa's match, it appears that they are only right collaborators and friends. Perhaps their unification as a pair is for their YouTube videos only. 

Tessa Brooke Isn't The Only Girl Tristan Tales Has!

Before you begin hoping that here is the revelation of Tristan's girlfriend, here is a disclaimer; Tristan is still furtive when it comes to disclosing his dating life to be precise. 

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But this furtive man doesn't seem to hesitate hanging out with pretty girls not always Tessa Brooke. He frequently collaborates with another young and talented YouTuber and Instagram personality named Katja Glieson-who acted as Disney's Elsa for a comic rap battle against show white,  for creating vines for Instagram and youtube.

Although the pair may perfectly act as a couple for the content, their relationship revolves around friend zone.

Happy Birthday: Tristan Tales wished his friend Katja Glieson on her birthday with a photo suggesting their day off on a beach (Photo: Tristan Tales' Instagram- 19 August 2018)

He will call Katja the most genuine person, his favorite person, anything but his girlfriend.

He could be trying to hide a big truth or what is visible could be the truth. But it's hard to believe that this handsome young hunk is single. He can get girls to fall for him with his sharp jawline and captivating looks alone.