Like many others, the global recession hit hard on Todd Hoffman. However, not only did the recession forced Todd to give away his family business and follow new trails, but also led him to unprecedented riches swelling his net worth.

Todd Hoffman is the creator and the central star of Discovery's hit show Gold Rush. The show which started as a follow up to Todd's father's passion brought not only Todd fame but also unimagined riches along with adventures of a lifetime. 

Showtime: Todd Hoffman operating equipment in the eighth season of the Gold Rush in 2017 (Photo:

The bearded star was the creator of the show Gold Rush which premiered in December 2010. He along with five others set in inquest for gold after being stricken by the monetary crisis. Starting at Porcupine Creek, Alaska, the inexperienced crew learned a great deal about gold mining and not enough riches in the first season. 

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Looking Back In The Timeline Of Todd Hoffman

Born on 12 April 1969 in Germany, Todd's father moved to the states where he was raised up. Todd is married to his wife, Georgia Hoffman, for more than two decades. The couple is proud parents of two sons, Hunter and Hudson. His son Hunter followed the footsteps of his father in mining and was regularly seen in the show, Gold Rush. 

As a collegiate, Todd played basketball and was good at it. However, he joined his dad, Jack Hoffman in his aviation business, giving up on the bouncing gig. The Hoffman household owned an airport at Oregon. The business was, however, hit hard by the financial crisis of 2008. With the market declining and the economy showing no signs of improving, Todd decided to enter the gold mining business after seeing the price of the yellow metal soaring day by day. 

The only link Todd had to the business were his dad's stories of 25 years of experience in the field. Despite being a novice in the area, he entered and created a lasting legacy in the business. 

The second season brought more misery to the Hoffmans, as they had to relocate from the Porcupine Creek for failing to pay the lease, and mined at the Quartz Creek, in the Klondike region. After mining in the Klondike region with great success, Todd decided to turn to South Africa. However, the adventure turned sour as the Hoffman crew did not even generate an income to break even. 

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After the South Africa experience, the aspiring singer traveled back to the states and mined in various parts of US including his hometown Oregon. After being an indispensable part of the Gold Rush since its inception in 2010 to its eighth season in 2017, Todd announced that he was leaving the show to pursue a career in singing. Gold Rush not only provided the Hoffman crew with an escape route from the bitter financial crisis, but it also left them with an inflated net worth.

Todd Hoffman From Failing Airlines To Net Worth Of Millions

After a lull in the aviation industry, Todd did not have immediate success. His first year was spent learning the trade, and it was from his second year his crew started mining gold worth millions.

In the second season, Todd's crew mined  93.5 oz of gold, worth over $150,000. And he mined in Klondike for about three years raking up 803oz of gold worth $1.3 million. His south Africa trip was a complete failure where he failed to break even, denting his net worth. 

However, back to the states, his instincts worked again and had mined gold worth millions of dollars. That added to his salary of about $500Ks per season with the discovery network makes him one of the richest stars in the whole gold rush franchise.

From his mining business and his TV salary, he boasts a whopping net worth is $7 million.

Todd Hoffman Is Back But Not In Gold Rush!

Todd Hoffman has it in his feat to follow new trails that he left behind Gold Rush- the show he nurtured and brought up to a startling success to work in Greenhorn Gold-his newfound TV project. 

The 9th edition of Gold Rush hit the Discovery Channel in fall 2018. But without Todd and his expert team, everything felt new and mission out a big time. It's going to take long for the audience to adapt in the void of Todd's theatrics. 

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Meanwhile, Todd has teamed up with Thom Beers & Jeff Conroy for a brand new reality competition called Greenhorn Gold which is signed to be created by a new multi-platform production company, BoBCat Studios

The new reality competition is a new take on the traits of amateur gold mining where men and women from all walks of lives will compete as beginner miners. The competition will proceed with elimination until only six remains in the show who will take home the money worth the raw gold they dig out throughout the competition. 

Apparently, Todd Hoffman has given up on Gold Rush but he has held his ground regarding his gig for gold.