From a talented television personality to a perfect wife and mother, Rebecca King-Crews is a master juggler. Having successfully balanced her professional and personal life, it resulted in nothing but happiness in her life.

More famously known by her added bio of her husband, actor Terry Crews, Rebecca, was a part of BET's family melodrama, The Terry Crews.  The show featured her as the mother of crews clan along with her husband and five children.

Here are some exciting wiki facts about this talented being including her age, ethnicity, wedding and many more.

1. Rebecca Crews' Wiki: Multitalented Personality 

Rebecca King-Crews, age 57, is a versatile and multi-talented personality. She is an actress, singer, songwriter, and musician. Having worked as the Executive Producer of her reality television series called The Family Crews recently, she was approached to direct an independent feature film Tucht written by Alex Molina and produced with ASAOPE films in New York.

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Award Night With Husband: Rebecca Crews with her husband Terry Crews at the 26th Movie Guide Awards at the Universal Hilton Hotel on 2 February 2018. (Photo:

From an early age, Rebecca was interested in performing in various plays and dramas. According to the wiki, she also performed regionally with different productions, plays and musical acts during her early days. Some of them are The Wiz, Pippin, Evita, Oklahoma, and many more. She starred in one of the regional production as Deena for the Black Civic Theatre.

Furthermore, she also established her very own gospel group naming it The Chosen Ones where she did multitasking as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Rebecca has been featured in magazines like Heart and Soul, TV Guide, Reality Magazine and Today’s Black Woman.

She is also a multitalented lecturer and speaker who gives inspirational speeches at various events including The Heart and Soul Awards in Baltimore, Maryland, The Well Done Awards in New York City and so on.

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2. Rebecca Crews Bio: Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Born on 24 December 1965 in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Rebecca was born to mixed-race parents.

Her mother belonged to African ethnicity whereas her father was a White man. She was raised by her parents in Gary, Indiana. 

During her early years, she moved from schools to schools. Later she graduated from Lew Wallace High School and was also crowned Miss Gary 1984 at the age of 19 during her senior year. Following her passion, she went on to study musical theatre at Western Michigan University.

3. Rebecca Crews Attended Life-Changing Event

It was on 19 November 2018 when Rebecca shared the things that she learned when she attended an impactful event on Instagram and she had a lot of wisdom to spread. 

She attended an event organized by Michelle Obama at The Forum on 15 November 2018 and she was immensely inspired. Speaking all the good things about the former First Lady of the US, Rebecca admitted that her change was an understatement.

Rebecca talked about how Michelle Obama had a powerful testimony of her faith and spoke greatly on her resilience, perseverance, humility and her faithfulness to her husband and her country.

The traits were all considered as a testament to women everywhere. And Rebecca didn't forget to promote Michelle Obama's book, Becoming saying that it was in all the bookstores.

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She concluded her caption with more praiseful words for the former First Lady saying that she was a gift to the country and even went to the extent of saying that Michelle Obama's behind the scenes faithfulness created her platform to the world.

3. Had Two Weddings, Second Husband Is Terry Crews 

Rebecca, who belong to African-American ethnicity is a married woman to husband Terry Crews. But Terry is not her first husband as she previously was married to a man named Charles Burton with whom she has a daughter named Naomi.

After the couple's divorce, she married comedian Terry Crews. Rebecca and Terry had their wedding on 29 July 1990, when she was 25 years of age, while her husband was three years younger at 22.

The couple first met at Western Michigan University while they were still students.

4. Rebecca King-Crew And Terry Parents Five Children

Almost married for three decades now, this couple are the parents of five children- Azriel, Tera, Wynfrey, and Isaiah including Naomi. They also have a granddaughter from their daughter Naomi.

Despite having spent 28 years together after a sunny wedding in 1990, it has not always been sunshine for this couple. Their marriage has endured a fair share of rough tides but ultimately prevailed in their relationship.

Her husband in his book Manhood: How to Be a Better Man or Just Live with One released in 2014 detailed how his addiction to pornography nearly ruined his marital life. Terry’s extreme addiction to pornography was getting on Rebecca’s nerves, and during her interview with S2S Magazine, she even admitted considering divorce as an option.

But the couple sorted out their differences as Terry entered rehabilitation and are happily living together with their family.

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Proud mother of five: Rebecca Crews posts an old picture with her kids with a heartfelt caption on Twitter on 14 May 2018. (Photo: Twitter)

The couple also grandly spent their 26th wedding anniversary, and Rebecca did not leave the opportunity to lavish Terry on social media, showering her husband with a sweet message stating 'Never gonna let you go.'

In addition to that, Rebecca often flaunts her happy family on social media expressing how thankful she is for everything in her life.

And having successfully managed to raise up five children amidst her husband's struggles with addiction and also, taking care of her career, Rebecca has no one but herself to thank for that 'Everything.'