For someone battling with Autism, English host Anne Hegerty didn't give up on living a normal life, chasing career goals and dating men!

The Manchester-native is well-acclaimed for her appearances on the British game show The Chase. Apart from that, she is also adored for her contributions to several other quiz programs, including Are You an Egghead?, Brain of Britain, and Mastermind.

Listen Lorraine: Anne Hegerty Thanks The Chase for Changing Her Life on the show, Lorraine (Published on Feb 14, 2018)

As of January 2018, Anne has been serving the ITV quiz show, Britain's Brightest Family as a host.

What is Anne Hegerty's Net Worth?

Moving to Manchester in the 1980s, Anne went on to become a well-known magazine writer and soon after, a magazine editor. Years later, she began working as an Editor for a major UK publishing house. She, however, retired from that job after being invited to star in the then-new TV quiz show series, The Chase.

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She began featuring on The Chase at the start of the show's second season in 2010 as one of the chasers and has reprised the role ever since.

According to Payscale, the average TV Host in the United States earns $53K per annum.

However, as one of the world's most intelligent women, who is renowned for her wit and intellect, Anne probably earns a higher salary than the average figures. As of her net worth, it remains a secret but judging from her success; she probably enjoys a net worth in millions.  

Anne Hegerty's Short Bio: Age, Asperger Syndrome

Born on 14 July 1958, Anne, age 63, grew up in London before deciding to settle down in Manchester.

Before joining The Chase she worked as an editor in a magazine and had troubles multitasking. And in 2003 when she was watching TV, she happened to pass a glance about autism in one of the channels. She kept on watching the program as she had all the symptoms they had described and went for a diagnosis.

Full two years later, in 2005 she was diagnosed with autism, at the ripe old age of 47, she came to know she was suffering from a disorder that affected the young age population. Since then, The Chase host has been very open about her battle with autism.

Anne Hegerty In 2018 Amidst Gender Pay Gap Row: No Desire For Children

On 22 January 2018, Anne, who has no children of her own, was part of a gender pay gap row as she insisted that women who take time off work to care for their children should be paid less.

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She said that she personally wasn’t 'bothered' about whether men are paid more than women overall, however, she wanted to see people get paid for the exact hours they worked. She told The Sun,

"It's to do with whether or not you have kids and whether you take time off to look after them. You're not doing the same job if you're not putting in the same hours, so I rather hope she is only getting two or three-fifths of what the men get because she isn't putting in the hours."

She made a bizarre argument where she made it clear that she had never desired to ever have children of her own. She stated that children are not only 'chaotic' but also incredibly expensive.

Is Jake Hester Anne Hegerty's Husband? Married On Wikipedia

On 1 July 2018, when a random Twitter user asked Anne whether she was a fellow QPR fan citing Wikipedia, Anne responded claiming that she wasn’t.

Things would have ended right there, but she went one step further as she mentioned whether a popular wiki site had corrected the fact that she had been married to a guy named Jake Hester. Dwelling on her frustration with the site, she claimed that they had not corrected on the fact that she had been married despite her several requests, and even claimed to have given it up on fixing it.

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As of 2018, neglecting the wrong information about her married life, and focusing over the more verified ones, it seems that Anne is reportedly single. And despite her Asperger’s Syndrome, she is continuing on her quest to find the right partner who can understand what she is going through and be her ideal husband!