British-Asian comedian Paul Sinha has had always been the talk of the town with his quick wits and sarcastic jokes on stage. However, he garnered extra gossip when he doltishly came out as gay on TV in the show The Chase in 2017.

The Luton, United Kingdom native, is best known as one of the Chasers on ITV quiz series The Chase with names like The Sinnerman, The Smiling Assasin, and Sarcasm in a Suit.

Beating The Sinnerman: contestant Colin Gives his best shot against Chaser Paul Sinha in April 2018 on The Chase (Published on Apr 19, 2018)

He participates in the show alongside host Bradley Walsh and fellow Chaser, namely, Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace, Anne Hegerty, and Jenny Ryan.  

What is Paul Sinha’s Net Worth?

Not all comedians make out for easy living, but Paul has been doing good for himself. The talented comedian/Tv personality is estimated to have a net worth between $2 million to $3 million. 

The 2006 if.comeddie award nominee at Edinburgh festival is famous for his jolly jokes and his cute chubby personality.

As of now, Paul Sinha is more dedicated in his career as he will be performing on tour to different parts of UK. He is set to play on Covent Garden Comedy Club on 14 December 2018.

You Will Be Amazed Knowing What Paul Sinha Did Before TV & Comedy

Paul has not only done comedy on TV, but also on radio. He is famous for presenting various favorite shows like 28 Acts in 28 Minutes, The Now Show, The News Quiz, and is also known as the favorite Chaser in the ITV quiz show The Chase.

Likewise, he always has been active touring around places doing stand-up comedy. His upcoming shows are in October and December of 2018 in Covent Garden Comedy Club in London

Comedy & Life: Paul Sinha's touring for his special 'Shout Out To My Ex' in 2018 with an abundance of humor derived from his unfortunate life experiences 

The comedian was previously a general practitioner of medicine; however, he does not practice medicine now.

Did Paul Sinha Undergo Weightloss?

The year 2018 - Paul made a swift return to medicine, not as a practitioner, but as a subject of a weight loss experiment for ITV's show Fast Fix: Diabetes. The show is about finding whether weight loss controls blood sugar or not.

For that, Sinha’s body was ideally suited for the experiment as he had the previous experience of managing his body. It may sound funny but according to Paul himself, whenever he misbehaved, he gained weight, and whenever he behaved well, he lost weight.

The episode aired on June 13, 2018, and precisely, Paul was really seen making some progress. The show aired in May 2018 for which, Paul tried to maintain his body posture for over two or three months.         

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The show was mainly about finding if weight loss could control blood sugar level or not. The comedian was happy to help the cause.

Weight Loss Does Wonder: Paul Sinha jokes about weight loss (Photo: Paul Sinha's Twitter)

Despite going through a cycle of dieting and binge eating, he felt that he had been able to constant his weight over the years between 11 to 13 stone (1 stone =14 pounds), remaining 'behaved' at times.

He thought the way he had managed to keep his weight under control could help the experiment. 

Paul Sinha's Bio (Age): Ethnicity & Height

Supriya Kumar ‘Paul’ Sinha was born to Bengali parents on 28 May 1970 in Luton, Bedfordshire, UK. He derives an Asian(Indian) ethnicity from his parents. He posses an average height of 5 feet and 8 inches.

As for his academics, he completed his graduation from Dulwich College and St George's Hospital Medical School.

Like many celebs burying their personal life into the ground, Sinha as well has refrained away from unveiling his parental information.

Though keeping his parents’ identity off the hook on social media, Paul frequently moots them sarcastically on his social media status.

One such happening was on 21 May 2016 when Paul stated that his parents stayed in the UK because of the Sausages, which India never offered.

Besides, he recently tweeted the picture of his parents on 5 July 2018 captioning that his dad was rescued by NHS England from a ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrest 28 years ago.

'The Chase' Gay Star Paul Net Worth, Parents, Family, Wedding

Family Priorities: Paul Sinha flaunts family love with parents’ photo on 5 July 2018 (Photo: Paul Sinha’s Twitter)

However, he's not revealed their name as of yet.

Paul Sinha's Parents Wanted Him To Get Married To Indian

If you don't know, he once mentioned about his parents on his Twitter, stating they would dance on the beats if their future daughter-in-law raked-off same ethnicity as theirs. He stated:

"If I ever married an Indian princess, my parents would never stop celebrating."

It's not uncommon for his parents, who originated from India, to desire a daughter-in-law who would possess similar ethnicity to theirs. 

As Indians have been slowly moving away from their tradition of a close-knit combined family to more nuclear family, many Indian parents feel that they would lose their trademark family bonding to culture shocks, communication gaps, and cultural differences - if someone from a different culture is patched to their lineage. 

Paul Sinha Came Out As Gay On National Television 

The revelation of sexuality usually bombshells the media and the case was no different for the ITV trivia expert, Paul.

After he revealed his sexuality while answering a question fried by host Bradly Josh on a June 2017 episode of The Chase on ITV, the viewers bombarded the Twitter showcasing a sense of surprise that is rather likely in the celeb world.

Like many, one of the dazzled viewers jumped in the Twitter bandwagon and stated,


However, what led to his coming out of the closet was more surprising than the process itself - the moment he first closeted out as gay on national TV was perceived as one of the most offbase career moments for the otherwise smart and reputed trivia expert. 

The Trivia Question That Made Paul Sinha To Come Out On The Chase

When host Josh queried whether his colleague knows the racing-game famous for throwing bananas and turtles, Paul was unaware but at least gave it a go, stating 'Grand Theft Auto' - the answer no one expected.   

Following the quiz, Sinha, in an unlikely turn of events, built his defense and blamed his cold relationship for getting the answer wrong. He said,

"My ex used to play Mario Kart all the time... he also said I never paid attention to him."

Later, talking to American TV journalist Andy West for GuysLikeYou in June 2017, he said he had been referencing about his sexuality since ages just to let people know. 

“I assumed everyone knew I was gay. I have been on the show six years and I have made lots of references to being gay. But they mysteriously never made the edit. There was one time that did make the edit when I was asked how many pieces was there to a bikini. Now you couldn’t ask a question more simple and out of my comfort zone. But I got it wrong.

Bradley looked at me at the end and said: 'Bikini?' And I said that question would fall to the only Chaser whose lifestyle choices means I don’t get to see a bikini.' So that was me coming out of the closet. I had gay on my Twitter feed for years.

We have carefully stage managed personas on the show. Maybe they didn’t want it to become a thing. You know, when we do those intros at the start of the show, ‘who is The Chaser today?’ Maybe they didn’t want it be ‘Is it going to be the Sinnerman, and he likes cock!"

Although the editors tried their best to protect his sexuality in the show, he ultimately came out in the show in public eyes, but for him, he had come out a long time ago.

He Dated Contestant Named Oliver From The Chase

In the same interview with GuysLikeYou in 2017, he revealed that he was dating fellow quizzer on chase whom we know as Oliver. However, he didn't expect marriage or kids from his open relationship with his fellow boyfriend.

To the interviewer, he said that he would rather respect his supportive parent's Hindu tradition and not get involved in gay marriage, although he supported it. 

"Marriage is not for me either. I am passionately in support of it but it’s not for me. I couldn’t put my Hindu parents through the rigmarole of gay marriage, they have been so amazing and so great and so supportive – when I told them I had a boyfriend they were like ‘Thank the lord for that!'

I am happy with a boyfriend. We are in an open relationship, but can’t say more than that. One of the advantages of being gay is that there is no traditional template for how you are meant to engage with your partner. Hetero relationships are supposedly based on the idea of procreation and offering a loving environment for your children, therefore by definition would mean monogamy. Being gay we can make our own template that works for us.

“I don’t want kids, I don’t think my life is conducive to that level of responsibility. Good luck to anyone who wants kids. It’s just not for me and I’ve known that for a long time. Luckily my boyfriend agrees."

Marriage, kids, or committed relationship are not as important to him as the dimension of freedom in the relationship. 

Paul Sinha's Gay Story Proves LGBTIQ+ Are Diverse Communities

Sinha sees a silver lining even in the fact that the gays can't have children of their own. The gay relationships have awarded him a power of imagination to mold his relationships, according to him, as opposed to societal expectations. 

If & Only If: Paul Sinha says no to marriage in 2017, but in 2016 imagines a romantic dance with future husband (Paul Sinha's Twitter)

His gay story only proves that there are diverse groups of people in the gay communities, which may be a surprising stance for many fellow humans. Gender fluid intended!  

Who Is Paul Sinha's Partner In 2018? Is He Married?

As of 2018, he has remained mum regarding his relationship status. However, he has occasionally tweeted about his caring boyfriend on his Twitter.

Love & Valentine: Paul Sinha expresses his gratitude to caring boyfriend (Photo: Paul Sinha's Twitter) 

However, it is not known whether he is still dating quizzer Oliver or not. Is he talking about Oliver on his tweets? We will keep you updated.