British quizzer, Jenny Ryan, having gone through abusive comments from people regarding her role in The Chase, didn't topple over insecurities and rose to her deserving nickname.

Jenny Ryan is known for her appearance as one of the five chasers on the ITV game show, The Chase. The show follows the contestants as they play against a professional quizzer "the chaser," who attempts to prevent them from winning.

The Chase: Jenny reveals her favorite moments and behind-the-scenes from the show to Rory O’Connor on the ITV Gala red carpet (Published on 18 November 2017)

Jenny has now been contributing to the Mad Drag Night that collects money through tickets to work for HIV awareness and projects to support those living with HIV in the UK and Africa.

Jenny Ryan’s Bio: Age & Career

Born on 2 April 1982, Jenny Alexis Ryan was raised in Bolton, England. Jenny hasn’t revealed anything in her early life, but she has a history of appearing on quiz shows.

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Jenny has made appearances on quiz shows like The Weakest Link and Fifteen to One. She was also a member of the team, Gamblers, on Only Connect that won the third series of the show.

The 36-year-old quizzer also helped the University of Leeds who participated on the British quiz program, University Challenge to reach the semi-finals in 2003.

In 2008 and 2009, Jenny featured in both series of the spin-off show, Are You an Egghead? She has also appeared on the British game show, Mastermind choosing the American television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer as her specialist subject.

Jenny made her debut in The Chase in September 2015. And as of now, the show is on a break only to play reruns later this year.

Is Jenny Ryan Getting Married & Turning Boyfriend Into Husband?

The Chase star, being a very secretive person, talks very less about her personal life, especially her romantic affair. But recently, Jenny has been mentioning a lot about her relationship status on social media sites.

On Twitter, WeRateDogs had put up a post featuring photos of dogs wearing shark costumes in 2016, to which Jenny replied and mentioned her boyfriend as a shark phobic.

Possible Future Husband: Jenny replies to the tweet mentioning about her shark phobic boyfriend on Twitter on 27 June 2016 (Photo: Jenny Ryan’s Twitter)

From the tweet, there is no doubt that Jenny adores her boyfriend, even attempting to help him overcome his fear of sharks.

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Since then, Jenny has pulled back immensely from revealing anything more concerning her romantic life. But it’s possible that she might be taking the relationship to the next level of getting married.

If she does get married, it’s safe to say that Jenny might announce and introduce her husband as a total surprise.

Jenny & Her Role in 'The Chase'

Initially having written questions for the pilot episode of The Chase, Jenny Ryan made her debut and joined the show in September 2015.

She plays her role as a chaser alongside Anne Hegerty, Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace, and Paul Sinha.

Jenny gained a lot of attention through the big game show. She even chose the nickname, The Vixen for her long red hair that looks like a fox brush when made into a ponytail.

In a talk with The Stuff, Jenny revealed another reason for her self-proclaimed nickname and said,

Secondly, because I’ve always had a love of animals, and this name gives me free rein to be a bit flirty. It allows me to be a bit wild if I need to be.

Jenny lives to her nickname as she never fails to avoid the contestants from winning a cash prize with her fierce personality and intelligence.  

Jenny Gets Trolled For 'The Chase': Her Response To Online Trolls

Being a latecomer to the show, Jenny didn’t fail to attract a significant amount of haters. She had many people reach out to her through online platforms just to diss her.

Jenny also confessed that it was quite hurtful when people made judgments without watching her properly.

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After having gone through a series of disrespectfully rude comments and messages, Jenny demands to be given a chance to be watched and not blindly judged.

But some bad remarks didn’t stop Jenny as she continued to play her absolute thriving role in The Chase, building her deserving fan base on the other side.

Scrabble Got Jenny Ryan Scratching Her Head On The Chase!

Jenny who has already had a whole time keeping up with her profile in The Chase faced another round of mockery from the host Bradley Walsh as she struggled correctly answer many questions on 6th November episode.

It all came down to a question about the game of scrabble in which she had to choose a word that scores the fewest point among three options. Among 'snap,' 'crackle,' and 'pop,' she answered pop while the correct answer remains snap.

While the audience gushed at her ‘easy mistake’, Bradley boasted his knowledge on scrabble.

P is three, so that’s six. So snap is six, pop is seven.

The explanation followed Bradley smirking Jenny to which she responded with a scowl.

Alright, you’ve outsmarted me this time Brad, well done.

Although she managed to get a hold of the track later in the game, she was not happy about the mockery.