Drew Carey is one of the most successful game show hosts in the history of American television. Throughout his career, he hosted multitudes of game shows and became an iconic figure in the genre. In fact, he became the first U.S. game show host who awarded participants a million-dollar cash prize on three separate game shows in March of 2008.

However, unlike his career as a game show host, his love life did not go so well. Carey has been engaged twice, both of which annulled later on. Despite the failed engagements, he remained good friends with both of his ex-fiancees. And unfortunately, on the day after Valentine’s day in 2020, Carey’s second ex-fiancee, Amie Harwick, was murdered.

Ex-Fiancee Victim Of Homicide

Carey first met Harwick at a party in 2017 and got engaged just a couple of months later. They often stepped out on the red carpet together and were not shy of expressing their love for each other. Still, things didn't work out and the two ended their engagement in November of 2018.

Carey and Harwick remained close friends even after they canceled their engagement. The Price Is Right host paid her a tribute via Twitter after her death on February 15.  He wrote, “I hope you’re lucky enough to have someone in your life that loves as much as she did.” The tweet also included a video of him together with Harwick.

Harwick was a reputed therapist in West Hollywood who specialized in family and sex counseling. She was also a former Playboy model who actively advocated for sex workers. Carey called Harwick a positive force in the world in a statement to CNN.

Amie and I had a love that few people are lucky to have once in their lifetime. She was a positive force in the world, a tireless and unapologetic champion for women, and passionate about her work as a therapist.

Harwick had been strangled and thrown out of her third-floor window. Her ex-boyfriend Gareth Purehouse whom she had filed a restraining order against twice was arrested and charged with one count of murder and first-degree residential burglary.

First Engaged To Nicole Jaracz

Long before Carey met Harwick, he was engaged to chef Nicole Jaracz. The two reportedly met in the mid-2000s and announced their engagement in October 2007 when she had just graduated from culinary school

However, the couple called off the engagement five years later in 2012. And while their engagement did not lead to marriage, Carey got to experience fatherhood for the first time by being a stepfather to Jaracz’s son Connor.

Though not related by blood, the game show host calls Connor his son. Even after his breakup with Jaracz, he is still very involved in Connor’s life. He even thanked Jaracz for bringing Connor into his life and wished her a happy Mother’s Day in May 2016.


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Carey even lost 100 pounds of weight thanks to Connor's influence. He told Parade that the main reason he pulled off the impressive weight loss was because he wanted to keep up with his son and be around to see him graduate high school.