Although American magician Raymond Teller portrayed a character of a married man on the CBC's sitcom The Big Bang Theory, his real married life remains in the shadows.

Often endearingly called just Teller, the Philadelphia native is one-half the comedy magic duo Penn & Teller, along with partner, Penn Jillette. Teller appears as the judge of the magic show Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Besides, he appeared in a minor role for a couple of episodes in the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

'Teller' in The Big Bang Theory: Watch Raymond Teller portray Mr. Larry Fowler in popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory (published 12 May 2018)

After being famous as with the mononym, he officially changed his name from 'Raymond Joseph Teller' to just 'Teller'.

Raymond Joseph Teller Loves His Family

Born on 14 February 1948 to late Joseph Teller and Irene B. Derrickson in Philadelphia, Raymond studied in and graduated from Central High School. Later, he went to Amherst College, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Classics in 1969.

Raymond's father was of Russian Jewish ancestry whereas his mother was from Delaware Methodist farming family. Although from seemingly different backgrounds, the couple was united by their love for painting, and their quirks.

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Raymond loves his family which is evinced by his heartfelt memoir about his two loving parents, When I’m Dead All This Will Be Yours, chronicling their love for each other and their unusual behaviors, which probably plants the seeds of Raymond's own famous quirky acts.

Raymond Teller's Massive Net Worth From Magic

Entertaining people for more than four decades, Raymond has accumulated a significant amount of fortune. His most famous act is with his professional partner Penn Jillette, with whom he has worked in many stage magic/comedy acts, TV shows, and films. The famous of which include the 1989 movie Penn & Teller Get Killed, and magic competition in Television, Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Raymond and Penn started performing together in 1981. They have demonstrated their magical skills at various high profile platforms such as Creative Arts Emmy Awards, Emmy Awards, and Saturday Night Live.

Moreover, working as an author, he earns an average salary of $50,837 per year.

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His net worth has been further supplemented by his best selling books on magic: Penn & Teller's How to Play with Your Food, Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends and Penn & Teller's How to Play in Traffic.

The 70-year-old currently relishes his extravagant lifestyle with the massive net worth of $175 Million.

Gay Rumors With Magical Partner

Despite his unbolted career, he is covert in case of his personal life. So, he is often subjected to gay rumors. 

Raymond and his performance partner Penn Jillette were regarded as gay partners because of their professional affiliation. However, Penn has denied the rumors stating that their relationship is strictly professional.

Penn, who is an atheist, is a supporter of gay marriage and he believes people have stuck between religion and right that is hindering gay people to have their right.

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Despite the gay accusations, Penn is already married to Emily Zolten and is a father of two children. Meanwhile, Raymond remains mysteriously devoid of a wife.

Had Wife On-Screen, What About Off-Screen Life?

Raymond was a married man onscreen, as he played a guest role of a husband in the sitcom, The Big Bang Theory in April 2018.

The on-screen husband and wife, Raymond and Kathy Bates, were parents of one of the main characters, Amy Farrah Fowler in the sitcom. However, he is yet to relish such a relationship in his real life.

With On-Screen Wife: Raymond Teller and his on-screen wife, Kathy Bates, played Amy Fowler's parents in CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory (photo: Teller's Twitter)

Teller might not be married right now, he doesn't seem to take it as lacking something, rather as an absence of ties to bind him. And he is better as a Freebird.