Belize native Kendis Gibson is a TV news guy who has attracted many viewers for his quirky and unique way of delivering news. He is a multi Emmy award-winning journalist who describes himself as a Brooklyn groomed dog dad.

The anchor is very passionate and focused on his professional career. He is close with his colleagues and also had a working wife, Diane Macedo, his past co-anchor in World News Now. But outside of his professional life, he doesn’t seem to be linked with anyone romantically and is not married.

Does Kendis Gibson have a Wife?

The 48 years old anchor is known to be very active. He likes working out and hiking either alone or with colleagues. In an Instagram post, Diane Macedo, an anchor at ABC, posted a picture while enjoying nature with Gibson mentioning him as a 'work husband'. They worked together in World News Now when Gibson still was in ABC. Going through Diane’s social media account, she seems to be married and has a son. 


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There is no report of Gibson dating or having a girlfriend in the past. He is not married yet and doesn’t have a wife either. The journalist seems to be focused on his career and enjoying his single life at the moment.

There Have Been Speculations that Gibson Might be Gay

Gibson is dad to a miniature schnauzer named Tito together with a man named George Brown. Tito is a rescue dog and has his own Instagram account, titomonster, which Gibson and George Brown managed. 


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Both of them make appearances quite often on each other's Instagram account and call themselves dad of their dog Tito. This left fans of the anchor with speculations that he might be gay. The fact that Gibson doesn’t have a girlfriend and isn’t married might have also raised suspicions about his sexuality.

Gibson being gay only seems to be speculations as he has not given any confirmation about his sexuality.

The journalist also mentioned his interest in The Pandemic, The Polls & Inclusion, a discussion that outlined Supreme Court cases that will affect the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Anchor is Thriving as a Journalist Who Wants to Use His Position to Represent the Good of his Country

From reporting deadly navy yard shooting to covering the devastating Santa Barbara oil spill, multiple severe storms, and the shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer in South Carolina, Gibson has delivered various serious news.

Formerly, Gibson anchored “America This Morning” and “World News Now” on ABC News. Currently, he works as a live weekend anchor for MSNBC (since January 2020).

According to a bio on ABC News, before joining ABC, Gibson had spent time at local and national networks. He was an anchor and reporter based in Washington D.C. during the Obama presidency. He has also worked as a primetime anchor for Fox and as an entertainment reporter at CNN, covering the latest trends and red carpets in Hollywood, Cannes, and Sundance.

Crain NewsPro mentioned Gibson in the “12 to Watch in TV News” list in an article published in its January 2020 magazine edition.

Gibson has been part of a workshop in Belize to provide know-how on international journalism best practices to protect Belize's image as a tourist destination as the country is heavily dependent on income from tourism.

He wants to use his position to show the world that his country has positive aspects and is different from the media.