The German Netflix series Dark is sadly coming to an end. Its third and final season premieres on 27th June 2020 on Netflix globally.

The teaser and trailers for the final installment of the mind-bending series are already out. And due to that, the fans have also already begun to think of some amazing theories about the series' final cycle.

But, one of the most amazing parts, which tricked many of the viewers of the show, is the different form of Jonas Kahnwald in the series. And, we can assure that some of the viewers are still confused with it.

To make the Dark viewers easy to understand the different forms of Jonas Kahnwald of different timelines, here is an exclusive insight of character Jonas Kahnwald. Also, we bring you a detailed view of how and when the different versions of Jonas met each other in the time travel saga.

Different Version Of Jonas Kahnwald

In the hit German Netflix series Dark, Jonas Kahnwald, the son of Michael Kahnwald and Hannah Kahnwald, is one of the main protagonists. He is seen at three different stages of his life throughout the series - present time Jonas is based in the year 2019/20, the older version is from the year 2052 and the oldest version is presumably from the year 2085.

Present Time Jonas (2019)

Louis Hofmann plays the character of younger Jonas Kahnwald in Netflix's series Dark

The character of younger Jonas Kahnwald is played by Louis Hofmann in Netflix's series Dark (Photo: Julia Terjung/Netflix)

The present time Jonas Kahnwald (played by Louis Hofmann) is a teenager studying in the local highschool of Winden. He is first introduced in the series after his father Michael Kahnwald dies by suicide. He gets traumatized by the incident because he is unable to understand the reason behind his father’s drastic decision.

His condition does not get normal even after several months of therapy sessions. Plus, he also starts having nightmares that stress him out.

On 5th November 2019, Jonas’ confusion and curiosity led him to his father’s workroom where he hung himself, in a belief to find some clue.

In the first place, he finds nothing but some non-understandable paintings. He, then, notices something at the top of the room. There, he finds a map of the caves of Winden which raises the level of his confusion and the curiosity even more around his father’s death.

A few days later, Jonas receives an anonymous package from his older self or also referred to as ‘the Stranger.’ The package contains many things, including a goodbye letter from his father. The letter reveals the real identity of his father - that being he was Mikkel Nielsen who went to the past from 2019 after going through the time-travel portal.

After that, Jonas visits the Winden caves with the help of the map he discovered before in his father's room. He subsequently travels back in the year 1986 and realizes that time travel exists.


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What follows after that is his journey to find the beginning of everything so that he can end all the series of mysterious events happening in the Winden town.

Older Version of Jonas or The Stranger (2052)

Young Jonas with older Jonas (the Stranger) in the Netflix's Dark Series

Young Jonas (right) with his future-self (the Stranger) in the series (Photo: Stefan Erhard/Netflix)

The grown-up Jonas (played by Andreas Pietschmann) is a time-traveler who goes from one time period to another. He travels through time carrying a large backpack filled with all essential equipment. He is from the year 2052. But he is first seen in the Season One Episode Two of the series in the year 2019.

In 2019, he goes and meets the present time Jonas while Jonas was in front of his father’s grave. However, he does not reveal his real identity at that time.

But when Jonas travels back in the year 1986 to bring back Mikkel to 2019, the Stranger shows up to stop Jonas. The Stranger also reveals that he is Jonas’ future self and bringing Mikkel back to 2019 would have deadly consequences (for instance, Jonas would never be born).

Here, the Stranger’s main plan is to close the time travel passage in the Winden caves to prevent any further time-travel. 

Adam or The Oldest Version of Jonas

Future Jonas aka Adam in the Netflix series Dark

The oldest version of Jonas aka Adam in the Netflix series Dark (Photo: Dark Fandom)

Adam (played by Dietrich Hollinderbaume) is the leader as well as the controller of the time-traveling group named Sic Mundus Creatus Est. His name first came in the series during the Season Two Episode One by two men who were working inside the Winden Caves. His name was frequently spoken by different characters such as Agnes, Noah, and Claudia.

However, Adam’s first real appearance was only shown in the third episode of Season 2, which was named ‘Ghosts.’ But his role and real identity were yet to be revealed. As the show progressed, it was known that he was raising war against time and also was planning for the apocalypse to happen.


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Later, his true identity was also revealed. When the younger Jonas somehow managed to travel to the year 1921, he was brought in front of Adam. Following that, they had some distinctive talks where Adam showed the younger Jonas his library, the family trees of the Winden, and many more things.

When the younger Jonas asked Adam who he is, Adam revealed that he is the oldest version of Jonas. After listening to what Adam said of his identity, Jonas doesn’t believe it. But Adam consoles Jonas and tells him that you will know everything as the time passes by.

Now, since you have clear knowledge about different versions of Jonas Kahnwald and their intentions, tell us who would be victorious in the final cycle. Will the world collapse according to Adam’s plan? Or, will younger Jonas and the Stranger be able to prevent the massive destruction?