Season 1 & 2’s Spoilers To Follow

After two successful seasons, 18 mind-bending episodes, several plot twists, and time travel to the past and future, German’s first Netflix series Dark is coming to an end with its final season on June 27, 2020.

Netflix dropped the date announcement teaser video for Lisa Vicari starred third season of the series on May 26, remarking, “the final cycle is about to begin.”

The look of the teaser promises that the final apocalypse will give the audience a ride to a strange new world.

What can the fans expect from the final season of Dark—most notably from Lisa Vicari’s character Martha Nielsen?

Let’s binge into this article to perceive comprehensive insight of the Dark series, the character Martha Nielsen, and what fans can expect from her in the final cycle.

What Is ‘Dark’ Series All About?

Based on the fictional town of Winden, Germany, Netflix’s series Dark is a time-travel mystery drama that starts its storyline with children disappearing from a town. The narrative of the spooky series, then, revolves around four interconnected families and the revelation of their deep secrets.

After that, the story continuous on how the townspeople lead themselves in search of lost children. In that process, the show introduces a supernatural time-travel twist that keeps audiences rooted to the spot.

The actors of the Netflix's series Dark, including Lisa Vicari and Louis Hofmann

A still image of characters, Franziska, Jonas, Bartosz, Martha, and Magnus (left to right), from the season one of the Netflix series Dark (Photo: Netflix)

The time-travel plot allows the characters to time travel 33 years into past or future through a wormhole inside the Winden Caves.

Consequently, the mind-bending thriller, initially based around the present years 2019/20, takes its storylines to the years 1921, 1953/54, 1986/87 and 2052/53, unveiling the reasons for children’s disappearance. Also, the storyline lays out the battle between good and evil, implies the essence of the free will, and questions the possible fate of the universe.


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Created by Swiss director Baran bo Odar and German writer Jantje Friese, the first season was aired on Netflix in December 2017, whereas the second season of the time travel thriller was released on the same platform on June 21, 2019.

What Role Does Lisa Vicari Portray In The Series?

Lisa Vicari portrays the role of a teenage high-school girl Martha Nielsen in the German science fiction thriller series Dark.

After the disappearance of two boys (one being her younger brother Mikkel Nielsen) in the town, Martha’s father Ulrich Nielsen, who also happens to be a police officer, also goes missing: he goes to the past year 1921 through time-travel.

Meanwhile, Martha stays secure with her older brother Magnus but somehow manages a lousy relationship with her mother, whom she blames for all terrible incidences in the family.

As the story progresses, Martha is shown in a relationship with Bartosz Tiedemann but never looks happy with him. However, her real love interest is revealed to be the series’ lead character Jonas Kahnwald.

Contrary to Martha’s feelings, Jonas keeps his distance from her knowing that her missing brother Mikkel is his father, Michael. This substantial complexity in Martha-Jonas plotline shows the tension between the two characters.

Jonas first finds out that Martha is his biological aunt when he travels back to the past year 1986 through the time-travel machine.

Hence, we can see that the on-going supernatural time-travel twist is shadowing around Martha’s family and relationship. Under the circumstances, Martha could be seen running around confused and broken to find out the answers.

What Can Fans Expect From Martha Nielsen In The Final Cycle? (Fan Theories Included)

The second season of the Dark series ended up with Martha being shot by Adam (the oldest version of Jonas) in front of young Jonas and immediately another version of Martha appearing out of thin air. The brand new Martha claimed that she came from an alternate dimension (a different world).

Since the announcement teaser for the final season is out now, fans have started speculating various theories on how Martha can turn-out to be the ace of diamonds in the closing chapter of the mind-bending series.

Exclusive Lisa Vicari's images from Dark season 3

Lisa Vicari’s (as Martha Nielsen) images from the third season of Dark (Photo: Dark’s Twitter)

The one theory which has been popular amongst the fans is that Martha is Jonas’ replacement in the other world since he does not even exist there. Even in the teaser, Martha is seen wearing Jonas’ yellow coat that he wore in his world.

According to this theory, Martha possibly can be the savior of the alternate world; just like Jonas is of his world. And she might have come from alternate world to take Jonas so that both of them together can save the world from mysterious Adam (an older and evil-er Jonas).

Besides that, there is another fascinating fan theory on Reddit that says Martha would become Eve, and Jonas would become Adam and end up being a perfect pair, in the alternate world.

“In the world, we have seen so far, they both say they are a perfect match. In this world Jonas becomes Adam.

We now know that there is at least a second world, with a time-/universe travelling Martha. Probably in that world, both are a perfect match, too. So I get the feeling that Martha2's older version will become Eve.

So, it seems, Jonas and Martha become Adam and Eve - another perfect match. Maybe they ARE even Adam and Eve.....”

What do you think: will Martha Nielsen end up saving the world from the evil or someone else will steal the show? The time has been ticking close to the date of the final chapter, so be quick to make a decision or your own theory. 

“Tick, tock.” “Tock, tick.” “Tock.”