Misty's weight gain led fans to believe she was pregnant.

Misty Raney Bilodeau, the daughter of Homestead Rescue's Raney family, has always been one of the most cherished people on the reality show.

She has used her excellent agricultural and hunting skills to guide and help several families thrive in the wilderness time and again.

Even with all her exceptional skills, being a woman, she's had to endure many comments about her weight gain in the past. 

Misty Raney's Weight Gain Spurred Pregnancy Rumors 

While Raney's weight gain became evident from her social media posts, fans began to speculate that it may be because she was pregnant.

However, the extra pounds had been more or less constant in the last season of the show, which led us to believe that she was not really pregnant at the moment. 

Misty Raney's weight gain made her fans believe she was pregnant.

Misty Raney Bilodeau's weight gain made her fans believe she was pregnant. (Photo: Instagram)

Besides, it is essential to consider that she has been on the show for a few years, and some amount of increase in weight is only natural and does not indicate pregnancy. 

Although her speculated pregnancy turned out to be a hoax, she has a small family of her own now.

The Homestead Rescue star has been married to Maciah Bilodeau, a carpenter, and surfer from Hawaii, for almost 20 years.

They also have a son together called Gauge, who's turning turned 10 in 2021.

The Bilodeau family divides their time equally between Alaska and Hawaii. During summers, they help run the family business in Alaska, whereas in winters, they live and surf in Hawaii. 

Misty Raney Has Solidified Her Identity as a Hero 

Through the years, Raney has become a hero for her fans because of her survival skills.

Building greenhouses, processing food, turning vegetables and meat into survival food, and preparing predator-proof livestock housing to keep them safe from wild animals, are the most notable of her exceptional skills. 

Besides agriculture, Raney also specializes in smaller-scale day-to-day needs, including the construction of sheds, out-houses, fences to protect livestock from predators, etc.

As a person with such an extensive skill set, she certainly deserves to have a plethora of fans who support her every movement. And so, the fans have assuredly cheered their hero and have never shied away from openly supporting Raney with constant encouragement and praises on social media. 

Misty Raney's Reality Show

Homestead Rescue is a reality show where the Raney family, i.e., Marty Raney, Misty Raney, and Matt Raney, help people who've been attempting to homestead in Alaska, USA.

Each member of the Raney family has different roles, where Marty is a survival expert, Misty is a farmer, and Matt is a hunter and fisherman. 

It can be tough to grow food in Alaska. Hence, these homesteading experts deal with plenty of challenges that are thrown by nature, which include agriculture, medical emergencies, protection from predators, among many others. 

At the end of each episode, the families who learn homesteading from these experts decide to either go back to civilization or continue to live in the wilderness. 

The TV series first came out in 2016 and has had seven successful seasons so far. The show has always been in the news for various reasons, the latest being Raney's weight gain.