DIscovery star Matt Raney is lucky in the sense that he has gotten to spend his days with someone who loves hunting as much as he does. If you don't know, his wife Katie Raney is a hunting enthusiast, and the couple could be seen hunting during Matt’s TV show appearances as well.

Who is Matt Raney?

The Alaska native is one of the Discovery Channel wilderness stars on Homestead Rescue. In the show, he is portrayed as a hunting and fishing expert and is responsible for feeding the Raney family throughout the year.

His Childhood Introduced him to Hunting and Fishing

Matt Raney was born and brought up in the Alaskan wilderness. He grew up learning survival skills in Alaska and became his family's most decorated hunter. 

I've had encounters with bears, wolves, and run naked with the Caribou...Our family has embraced a lifestyle of subsistence. Through all the years our only objective has been to fill out freezer full of salmon, halibut, caribou, doll sheep and moose. We've had good years and bad, but I can't remember the last time I ate at a fast food place or bought meat from a market," Raney told Discovery

In the show Homestead Rescue as well, Matt shows his passion for hunting and fishing, whether by doing it himself or teaching other people. Discovery states that the professional hunter and heir of his family homestead business hunts all year for his parents, sisters, and brothers. It mentions that his father joins him during big-game hunting, whereas his sister Misty tags along with him when he is out fishing. 

According to the website, Raney—who is also a professional hunting guide—hunted over "1000 pounds of fish, moose, caribou, and sheep."

Matt and His WIfe Katie Raney are Both Passionate about Hunting

His passion for hunting is matched by his wife’s love for the same. His partner, Katie Raney, too, is very enthusiastic about hunting and living the life of a homestead.

They have even appeared together in a few episodes of Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch. In particular, the couple was seen on the thumbnail of episode three of the latest season titled “Raney Days Are A-Comin’”.

And her love for hunting can also be seen on the couple’s Instagram accounts. Both of the couples have posted multiple pictures that show them hunting together.

For instance, in one of Matt’s more recent posts, the couple was seen holding 300 Winchester Magnum rifles. The caption of the post clarified that they were practicing hitting targets.  


Target practice with @rr_katieraney #homesteadrescue #raneyranch #browning #300winmag #3006springfield

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Similarly, in another post, the couple was seen actually out in the wilderness hunting moose in Alaska. The caption implied that the picture was taken while they were filming an episode for the show.


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The Adventure-loving Husband and Wife are a Long-time Couple

Matt and his wife Katie Raney have been together for many years. If we only go by his first post related to her on Instagram, which was uploaded on May 28, 2012, we can say that they have been together for at least a good eight years.


Sushi Expectant #Sakura

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And they took ample time to decide to take their relationship to the next level. Specifically, they took at least four years to decide on their future and eventually concluded that they should get married and start a family. Therefore, the couple tied the knot on May 2, 2016, as his 4th marriage anniversary post suggests.

The Pair has a Son Together

Matt also has a kid with his wife. Their son was born on March 17, 2018. And on March 18, he revealed that they had decided to name him Indy Lorel Raney. The family now lives together on a ranch in Alaska that is owned by Matt's father Marty.


Wheelin’ around with @rr_katieraney and Indy! #4wheeler #offgrid #homesteadrescue #raneyranch

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Fans could get the latest insight about Matt and his lifestyle via his Instagram profile: it is filled with pictures of his wife and son, where they can be seen doing things such as going for drives around the ranch, gardening, and picking veggies, and other homestead things.


Wheelin’ around with @rr_katieraney and Indy! #4wheeler #offgrid #homesteadrescue #raneyranch

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