Discovery Channel's Homestead Rescue, a reality show centered around off-grid homeowners teaching to fortify life in the wilderness, may not seem to have much of a production value, at least initially.

But the series, starring the Raney family, including father Marty Raney, daughter Misty Raney, and son Matt Raney, has a much higher budget and a large crew despite being a show about sustaining with limited means. 

The program's scale further suggests that the Raney family probably earn a good salary off-screen despite their reluctance to flaunt their wealth in front of the camera.

'Homestead Rescue' Has High Production Value

The Raney family, as per the show's premise, travels from place to place, helping people learn wilderness skills needed to live and thrive against the elements —  or at least that's what happens on-screen.

However, what isn't shown is the amount of help they receive behind the scenes.

These are reality shows at the end of the day and have substantial investments from various stakeholders. In this case, the two production companies, Raw Television and All3Media, are producing the show.

Homestead Rescue, airing since 2016, boasts a long list of crew members to help with the production. The database reveals that the series has had five directors up until this point in the show.

Among them, four have directed two episodes each from 2016 to 2017, and Mike Griffiths, the fifth director, has directed some unknown number of episodes to this day.

Delving further into the cast list shows that there are more producers than one can care to remember. Similar is the case for the editing, casting, and music department of the show.

In addition to that, people in the camera and electrical department, sound department, location management team, and the additional crew consisting of loggers, child labor coordinator, set medic, armorer, and clearance manager are also involved with the show, all of which points out the staggering amount of resources spent on the series.


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According to Wren and Ini, a couple who starred in the show previously, there were at least 20 people at their little homestead where the shooting took place. They also revealed that there was a person whose sole job was to clean the cameras used for filming.

The Raney Family Gets Additional Support in the Show

Even though the Raney family does most of their building and solves problems themselves, they get quite a lot of assistance from third parties.

On one such occasion, the family received help from Scout Construction LLC, a construction company situated in Mansfield, Ohio. During an episode that was being shot in Morrow County, they were brought in to help with activities such as excavating and cobbing.


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Likewise, Wren and Ini also admitted that the Raney family used some assistance from a Missouri log building company in building a cabin for them.

The Raneys did a lot of building and have incredible work ethic, but the cabin was mainly built by a Missouri log building company, Sticks and Stones: Real Log Homes

The couple even named two other companies, Warren's Mill and Cooper Well Drilling, that assisted in constructing the site.

How Much Salary Do the Raney’s Family Earn?

Since it is known that the show Homestead Rescue has huge resources and budget, one might also be curious to know the Raney family's salary in the show.


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But to date, neither of the Raney family members associated with the show nor Discovery has revealed their salaries.

However, as per the Business Insider's report of June 2016, the "A" players, the central characters of a show, on a cable reality show earn a salary between $30 thousand and $10 million per season. This is the category where the family falls.

Similarly, according to eCelebrityFacts, Misty reportedly has a net worth of $300 thousand.