Fredricka Whitfield broke down secrets to finding a balance. Not only did she provide her fans with the secret to a happy marriage, she also had a few people to thank.

The American journalist/TV reporter's coverage of the devastating Asian tsunami in December 2004 placed her in the journalism pantheon. A year earlier, she had extensively covered Operation Iraqi Freedom from the Persian Gulf region.

Not just that, she gained widespread recognition as the first reporter to break the news of the death of the former POTUS, Ronald Regan.

Politics & Fire: Fredricka WhitfieldMiddle) talks The Donald Trump's presidency along with Paris Dennard(left) and Tara Setmayer on March 11, 2018 (Photo:

After finishing college, the Howard University alumna, Fredricka wandered around local TV channels working for WPLG-TV in Miami, News Channel 8 in Washington, D.C., KTTV-TV in Dallas, WTNH in New Haven, Connecticut, and WCIV in Charleston, South Carolina, before finally finding a footing in the industry.

Fredricka Whitfield's Lineage & Illustrious Career Marred By Tongue Slip

Born on May 31, 1965, Fredricka is the daughter of athlete and five-time Olympic Medalist Mal Whitfield. Her father was an Olympic Champion in the 800 meters race in the 1948 and 1952 Summer Olympics. He was also a member of the 1948 gold medal-winning team in the 4×4 hundred meters relay. Her father died in November 2015, at age 91.

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Her mother, Nola Whitfield, on the other hand, was a policewoman and belonged to Nigerian descent. Ethnicity-wise, the 53-year-old is an African-American, derived from her White father and an African ethnicity mother.

In 1983, the Maryland native graduated from high school from Paint Branch High School. For her bachelor's degree, she enrolled in Howard University’s School of Communication.

After much wandering, Fredericka's big break came in 1995 after joining NBC News as a correspondent. She was an Atlanta-based correspondent for NBC Nightly News for six years before making her big career move to CNN in 2001.

At her current news station, CNN, the daughter of a former Olympian, is an anchor for the daytime weekend edition of CNN Newsroom.

Her 31-year-long career as a journalist, however, has not been without a bump. On June 13, 2015, she described the gunman who attacked the police as ‘brave and courageous.’

Having drawn backlash for her comments from the public, she made a formal apology two days later on June 15, 2015, saying, 'I now understand how offensive it is and am sorry.'

Fredricka Whitfield Talks With Former Trump Aide

On October 1, 2018, Fredricka presented a talk with former Trump aide Michael Caputo about his comments on the Black Lives Matter movement. Michael clarified his remarks and offered proof after a writer on two left-wing websites accused him of embedding racial fear.

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He told Fredricka about social media accounts associated with Black Lives Matter talking about the riot they would present. 

His comment gained traction with the media suggesting that the warning he gave implied: African-Americans would 'riot' if Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed.

Some said the message was aimed at Fox News viewers, with Black Lives Matter activist Danielle Muscato tweeting out about the comment and mentioning that it was not a threat but a fact.

Fredricka will be keeping the viewers updated as she puts forward the questions and views of the majority concerning Michael's comment.

Fredricka Whitfield Wedding That Almost Did Not Happen

The veteran reporter is married to John Glenn, a freelance photographer. She and her husband, John. The former director of photography at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, are parents to three children.

The first of their three children, a son, was born in January 2005. In November 2012, Fredricka gave birth to fraternal twins: daughter Nola and son Gilbert, taking their family's population from three to five.

The couple got married in 1999. To say ‘Fredricka and John had one dramatic wedding’ would be an understatement.

Before her wedding, Fredericka was assigned on a road trip. However, the bride-to-be overstayed on her trip, and as a result, she was left with less than a week to prepare for her wedding. 

Despite the hectics of her work, she managed to prepare herself in time so that the couple got married at the previously stated date. If anything, the success of her wedding showcases her innate ability to juggle her role as a mother, wife, and professional reporter.

Keys For Finding Balance; Fredricka Spills Beans

The TV presenter's ability to maintain a harmonious balance between her family life and her professional life had many fans wonder. She was constantly questioned about how she managed to do the seemingly impossible. 

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In 2007’s March edition of Ebony magazine, Fredricka penned a column where she spilled the beans on her successful juggling act. She credited her husband, their nanny, family, and friends for her ability to strike the right balance in her life. She also explained how going '50-50' with her husband had kept their relationship afloat.

Touching Many Hearts: The Anchor of CNN Newsroom pens an inspiring piece for Ebony (Photo: Ebony Mag) 

She further wrote in the column that she was frequently asked for her secret and revealed her secret was to be: 'Just doing it.'

In her article, the CNN host wrote about appreciating little things, like seeing her son eat his breakfast without help. She ended the article praising her mother for being an example of what it meant to be a working mom.