American correspondent Kaylee Hartung is one of the most beautiful faces in the media industry; she has been engaged in the field of journalism for more than a decade. Hartung presently serves as a reporter for ABC News.

Before ABC News, she worked as a news reporter for CNN and ESPN, where she worked live events, regularly appeared on SportsCenter, and contributed to the network's coverages. She also spent five years in the CBS News Washington bureau before ESPN.

That was her professional life, she does possess a personal life as well. But is Kaylee Hartung dating a boyfriend or she is married to her husband? Or is she just single?

In this article, we will learn about Kaylee Hartung's age, career, and more precisely find out about her personal life.

Kaylee Hartung Graduated In Journalism and Politics From Washington and Lee University

Kaylee Hartung, born on 7 November 1985, was raised in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Her father, Joe Hartung, was a pilot who died in a plane crash at an air show in Lafayette when she was 10. Her mother, Julie Tucker, is with her and supports her in every situation.

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The 32-year-old journalist received her education from Episcopal High School, graduating in 2003. Later, she moved to and Lee University Washington to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Politics, graduating in 2007.

The young achiever began her career at NBC as an intern and assisted Bob Schieffer in the preparation of research of Schieffer’s 2008 presidential debates and coverage of the campaign in 2008 and 2012. 

While working as a reporter for the Longhorn Network (operated by ESPN), ESPN hired her as a sports reporter where she featured different live events and made her consecutive appearances on SportsCenter.

She joined CNN as a reporter in April 2017. She served as a CNN news correspondent based in Atlanta, reporting across all of CNN's television and digital platforms. Currently, she is associated with ABC news.

Aside from her career, Kaylee shares an amazing bond with her parents, and it's entirely open as she frequently expresses her emotions towards them on social media.

Kaylee Hartung's Never Ending Love For Two Ladies In Her Life

Carrying a huge responsibility of keeping her career steady and working to the bone, Kaylee is always supported by her mother and grandmother, never letting her feel down.

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As she's always inexplicably busy with her work and occupied schedule, Kaylee found the time to go home and see her loved ones after working with the Baton Rouge Rotary Club in January 2018. Kaylee posted a picture with her mom and grandmother gushing about their support for her on Instagram on 25 January 2018.

Kaylee, indeed, shares a special bond with her mom and grandmom and doesn't step back while letting the world know about the women behind her success.

She made sure to let the fans know that her two role models always made the effort to watch every report and event Kaylee has covered through her time in her career.

Despite the fact that Kaylee doesn't hide her affection for her mom and grandmom, she is quite hesitant about letting people in on her love life.

Opened Up About Boyfriend Long Ago: Has She Found One?

In an interview with ATX MAN Magazine in 2013, Kaylee was asked, “what makes a man attractive?” Responding to the question, she smartly replied that she definitely needs to date someone who loves and enjoys sports and will go for a pretty classic look.

She added:

Whatever their style may be, as long as it’s clear they’re put together and put a little thought into it, and that they take pride in their appearance…I am a Southern girl, in heart and in mind.

That statement made clear that she didn't have a boyfriend and was not married till 2013. 

The keen sports lover Kaylee once sparked off rumors that she was likely in a secret relationship with someone. She uploaded a tweet sharing an Instagram image mentioning "my boyfriend” in 2013.

However, it was quite unclear what and whom she was referring to at that time. Since then she has not mentioned whether she has a boyfriend or not to date. 

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Her social account is also limited when it comes to her love life. As of now, the 35-years-old journalist is possibly single and it seems she doesn't have any plans to get married anytime soon.