Charles Krauthammer has had a lifelong battle with diseases after a diving incident during his medical studies days. The worse, however, was yet to come for the much loved political commentator, as he was diagnosed with cancer. 

Charles Krauthammer, a registered psychiatrist, gave up his regular job to be a reporter and political commentator. His incisive analysis of the political world in Fox News Channel's Special Report with Bret Baier earned the doctor loads of praises and even a Pulitzer prize in 1987 for political commentary with the Washington Post. 

Fox News Special Report: Charles Krauthammer talks with Bret Baier on various issues including Mideast policies, and Michael Flynn on one of his last appearance on TV (Published on 15 February 2017)

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He has been involved as a  political analyst and commentator for Fox News for the best part of this decade.

Charles Krauthammer Bio: Studied Political Science But Trained In Psychiatry

Born on 13 March 1950, in the New York City, Charles was the son of French-speaking European immigrants. After his birth, his family moved to French-speaking Canada. Since both of his parents were Orthodox Jews he attended Herzlian High School in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

After studying political science and economics during his stay at the McGill University, Montreal, he was accepted in the Harvard's for his course on psychiatry.

The much-loved commentator was married to a lawyer, Robyn since 1974. The couple has a son, Daniel from their time together.

Charles Krauthammer Achieved Career Heights In Spite Of Being Limited To Wheelchair

During his fresher year at the Harvard, he suffered a freak diving accident. The accident left him, quadriplegic, needing to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Despite the illness, he completed his psychiatry course in 1975 and served as the resident in psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital.

He then moved to DC and began his writing career as a political writer to The New Republic. In 1980, he served as a ghostwriter for then US vice president Walter Mondale and contributed to The Time magazine aside form serving as writer and editor to The New Republic.

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He had a dedicated column for himself in the Washington post in 1985, and the works there earned him the Pulitzer in 1987.

Charles Krauthammer's Career As Political Analyst Goes Beyond Newspaper Columns

His TV career began in 1990 after he became a panelist in the PBS political roundtable Inside Washington, a post he retained until the show's closure in 2013.

He authored a book which was a collection of the essays he had contributed to various newspapers, Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes, and Politics(2010) which remained as the best selling non-fiction in The New York Times list for more than 38 weeks.

Due to his brilliant commenting and truer analysis of the political game, he earned numerous honorable mentions and awards. In 2010 The NewYork Times listed him as the most important conservative analyst of that time, while former president Bill Clinton called him a brilliant man the same year.  

Found No Answer To Cancer: Deteriorating Health Pulled Him Away From His Career

Despite being on the TV continuously for more than two and a half decades, his public appearances suffered a dip in the year 2017 and onwards because of his degrading health. The TV personality liked by all suffered a tragic health condition when he was diagnosed with a malignant abdominal tumor in early 2017.

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On a rare post about the conservative columnist's health released on Fox News on 14 May 2018, the host, Bret Baier revealed that Charles was slowly regaining his health back after his recent surgery in August 2017.

On The Recovery Path: Charles Krauthammer updates his health condition in May 2018 (Photo: Matt Mackowiak‏'s Twitter)

Charles further revealed in his statement that despite it was taking him long to regain his health back after his recent surgery the worst case scenario seemed to have passed by and he was looking forward to continuing his rehabilitation in his home. 

However, the worse was still to come for the 68-year-old as he revealed in his letter to Washington Post that his cancer had returned and his health had deteriorated. He opened up the letter saying he had remained silent for the last ten months, and despite hoping for a positive outcome of his recent surgery, he revealed that fate had other ideas for him. 

Charles Krauthammer's Death That Saddened America

At one point, Charles revealed that his cancer had returned leaving him with just weeks to live. He ended up the letter on a positive note saying that he had lived his life to the fullest and left the world without any regrets.

Only thirteen days later, on 21 June 2018, Charles died of small intestine cancer in a hospital at Atlanta, Georgia. The news broke hearts of many of his well-wishers and rendered people, who looked for his guidance in understanding the American and world politics, directionless.

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On the very day, Sam Roberts published a heartfelt obituary for Charles, in which Sam, although not totally agreeing to his viewpoints, found him to be one of the few voices of reasons in America.

Charles might have died, but his succinct analysis of the political landscape remains with. And there are many people in the US today worthy of bearing the badge of unafraid political analysis like Charles did for years.