Don’t mess with CBS anchor Sharon Reed or else she would go on-air to call out on you just like she did to a viewer who emailed her the N-word slur. That’s how crisp her personality is!

The Cleveland born journalist is known for hosting evening show at CBS. She also leaves the studio set for field reporting when needed and has gained popularity on account of her prompt reporting.

Here are some queries wiki/facts about Sharon Reed:

1. Sharon Reed Bio: Birthday, Family & Height

The CBS host was born in Cleveland, Ohio to an African-American family. She celebrates her birthday on 12th of May each year a date she shares with American actress Katharine Hepburn and reality star Emily VanCamp. Her confidential date of birth has offered a benefit of speculation on her age. She is probably in her 30s.

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Sharon prefers to keep the details about her family to herself and perhaps she is in good terms with the family as she mentions her mother and grandmother now and then in her social media.

Interest in journalism came early to her, and she is acquainted with a degree in Journalism from Georgetown University.

The TV personality is seen most of the time in heels. But her height looks significant that suits her curvaceous body, oval-shaped face, and wavy brown hair.

2. Sharon Reed Salary In CBS

Sharon hit big in her journalist gig when she replaced former evening anchor at CBS46 (WGCL) Stephany Fisher in June 2015. And she has shown her impressive dedication and passion ever since. She is fearless when it comes to putting her point forward, and she went viral during August 2017 for calling out on a viewer for his racist remark.

Her impressive work at CBS has garnered her with an average salary of $52,000, and her net worth is estimated to be multi-figured.

Before joining CBS, she was working in St. Louis at another CBS affiliate KMOV where she landed after having worked for WSVN, Miami, WCAU, Philadelphia, and WOIO, Cleveland.

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During her career, she suited herself in varieties of journalism genre including, sideline sports reporting for NFL and NBA. But who would have thought, her slight association with NBA would rumor her for being allegedly close with an NBA player, LeBron James himself.

3. Daughter Put Sharon Reed & LeBron James In Controversy

Sharon didn't see it coming when her daughter Ava's birth rumored her for having a relationship with the international basketball player, LeBron James. The controversy could have erupted on account of her history as an NBA sideline sportscaster. The best case scenario to the controversial cause could have been Ava's African inspired feature-prominent curly hair. 

She acted indifferent the talks until she appeared in Ryan Cameron's Show, V-103 in August 2017 where she shut down the long run rumor.

There's no baby with LeBron. I wish him the best.

There has not been any buzzing issue on her daughter's father speculation after the interview. But the curiosity is always there.

4. Is Sharon Reed Married? Husband Is Father To Daughter?

If the host is married behind bars, then she is as impressive of a secret keeper as she is a journalist. She is out and about when it comes to spill on the reporting field but zipped up when it comes to unveiling her marital status. 

Although she cleared out rumor on LeBron being her daughter's father, she has chosen to remain mum regarding the truth. The enthusiasm on actual father shall prevail unless she spills out the truth. 

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She could be willing to look for a father figure to her daughter in her future husband if she has not found one yet. So, the husband candidate better be good or else she wouldn't mind celebrating her daughter's birthday on November 26 without her husband, every year for the rest of her life.

Daughter: Sharon Reed uploads a photo of her cute daughter on 10 May 2018 (Photo: Sharon Reed's Instagram)

The mother is all consumed up observing her daughter as she grows beautiful. The husband addition will complement the charm of the family for sure.