Ever since American Actress Rhea Seehorn got engaged to her longtime partner, she had her Instagram flooded with cute pictures of them together. She cannot get enough of her husband-to-be and everything he brought along. 

The 46-year-old is popularly known for playing Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul. Before her stint at AMC’s Better Call Saul, she grew in popularity playing characters in NBC’s Whitney, ABC’s I’m With Her and TNT’s Franklin & Bash.

In addition to her regular stint at Better Call Saul, she has made a TV appearance portraying a role of Martha Cobb in an episode titled Info Wars of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

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Rhea Seehorn's Bio: Father's Death Serves As Wake-Up Call

Rhea was into painting and drawing growing up. Despite pursuing a career in visual arts, she secretly wished to become an actor.

She attended George Mason University. She graduated in 1994 with a B.A. degree in Art Studio. While in college, her dad passed away. It was a wake-up call for her as she signed up for acting classes and decided to follow her dream, in an ode to her father who encouraged her to follow up her dreams.

Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA on May 12, 1972, Rhea also lived in Japan, Arizona and Washington, D.C.

Rhea Seehorn Picks TV Over Big Screen But Why?

In 1998, the Virginia native starred in the movie A Case Against Shari. A year later, she did a movie titled Why Spain? She also starred in two short films: The Pitch and The Gentleman in 1999 and 2000 respectively. Movies such as Eat Me(2000), Riders(2001) and The Shaggy Dog(2006) made her a legit Hollywood star.

Despite securing many roles in the big screen, she wouldn’t get a TV gig until 2003 when she was cast to play Cheri Baldzikowski in American sitcom I’m With Her. Unfortunately, her first TV show was canceled after only one season.

She would soon turn her back against films as she frequently began to land roles on TV; starting with her role in the series Head Cases(2005). Her acting portfolio boasts a plethora of TV appearances: The Singles Table(2007), The Starter Wife(2008), Trust Me(2009), American Dad(2009), Dollhouse(2009), Burn Notice(2010), Family Guy(2013), House of Lies(2014), Shut Eye(2017) and Robot Chicken(2018).

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Likewise, she was worked in numerous TV films: Romy and Michele: At The Beginning(2005), Eva Adams(2009), and The Thick Of It(2007).

When Rhea’s not busy filming Better Call Saul, she can be seen quality time with her fiance and their two kids.

Rhea Seehorn's Husband-To-Be Has Two Kids From Previous Marriage

Rhea's husband-to-be, realtor Graham J. Larson was previously married to LA-based fashion designer, Mary Alice Haney. They had two kids before parting ways in 2008. The ex-couple shares joint custody of their children.

According to the Instagram bio of her husband-to-be: He’s a real estate agent working in Pacific Palisades, California United States and a most loving man. 

Mary met Rhea in 2014 in a salon and set her up for a date with her former husband, Graham and that was the start of a beautiful journey between Rhea and her realtor partner. 

The Better Call Saul star has taken Graham and Mary's kids like her own, often sharing their photos on her Instagram.

Rhea Seehorn Is Engaged To Get Married

The I’m With Her star’s engagement came into light only after she labeled Graham as her fiance in her Instagram posts. 

My Partner Got Kids: Rhea pens a heartfelt father's day post to husband-to-be June 17, 2018 (Photo: Rhea Seehorn's Instagram) 

The engaged couple share birthdays only days apart as revealed by the Instagram post, Rhea made on May 26, 2017. They seem to pop up in each other's on Instagram on a regular basis.

With the couple, having announced their engagement by addressing each other as a fiance, it would come as no surprise if the couple was secretly married. 

Rhea Sheeron To Her Partner- What's Yours Is Mine!

It is not a surprise that the actress's realtor fiance has two boys from his previous failed marriage. And given Rhea gets married to her fiance, she shall be a stepmom to these boys. 

Now, we might wonder is Rhea is okay with the idea of accepting children from her partner's former marriage, and the answer to this query would be, she is absolutely in love with the kids. She has already accepted them to be a part of her life. And loves to hang out with them, sometimes spending a day off with them watching baseball of their favorite team while other times just chilling out on the beach. 

Game Day: Rhea Seehorn watched Yankees play with her family in August 2018 (Photo: Rhea Seehorn's Instagram)

The way she loves her partner's kids like her own can easily fool for them being her own. If she has shown this incredible sign of a stepmom, wonder how good of a mom she will be to her own children she shall have some day with  Graham J. Larson.