British actress Ruth Wilson is renowned for her role as Alison Lockhart in the drama The Affair, which first aired on October 12, 2014. Her role also won her plenty of admirers and a handful of accolades, including the Golden Globe Awards.

Wilson's other prominent movies and TV shows are Jane EyreMrs WilsonLutherDark River, and The Lone Ranger.

Her rise to fame has also seen her making headlines with her personal life news, as she has been linked to dating several biggies of Hollywood, which includes her co-stars.

Wilson's Current Relationship Status

The 39-year-old actress is allegedly single currently. Wilson manages a very private personal life which keeps any possible relationship details under wraps. She does not have Instagram or Twitter either.

Speaking to Vanity Fair in September 2016, the Mrs Wilson star stated that people assume things about her private life based on photographs that are snapped with her co-stars. In that case, she addressed her dating rumors with Joshua Jackson, her on-screen ex-husband.

The actress explained that she preferred not to talk about her private life, which leads to assumptions and speculations.

"You don't actually know if I'm single or not. You haven't asked that question, and I haven't told you that answer. I don't talk about it," Wilson said.

Rumored Relationships with Co-Stars

Wilson's private life is just that — private. But despite that, the rumors of her dating her co-stars seem to be a never-ending tale.

Over the years, she has worked with renowned celebrities, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Jude Law, Joshua Jackson, and Johnny Depp. And thanks to the internet, she is linked with all of the mentioned actors.

Her dating rumors with Brokeback Mountain actor Gyllenhaal started swirling after the Golden Globe event in January 2015 when they reportedly were seen kissing and holding hands at an after-party.

Wilson, however, denied the rumors with Gyllenhaal while speaking to The Guardian back in 2015.

"Are you asking if I’m dating Jake Gyllenhaal?" she asked the interviewer. “No. I’m not dating Jake Gyllenhaal."

She added, “Every man in any show I do, I get aligned with having a relationship with. It’s just people bored and trying to create a story. So if that’s what you are asking, just ask it. But no is the answer.”

A little over a year later, after making that statement, she was linked with another co-star. This time with her The Affair co-star and on-screen husband, Jackson.

They were even spotted at East Village by paparazzi looking cozy in a drinking session that had lasted for eight hours.

But Wilson hit back at the reports, saying that people are making baseless assumptions about her private life during an interview with Vanity Fair.

"People don't know what goes on in my private life, so they have to make conjecture from something that is photographed," she stated.

The speculations go way back to the early 2010s, too. The actress was spotted with Sherlock Holmes actor Jude Law in March 2012,  which had given rise to another rumor of dating.

In January 2015, she also dismissed the rumors of dating actor Johnny Depp, with whom she had shared the screen in the 2013 film The Lone Ranger.