Professional chef Amanda Freitag is famous as a stern judge of The Food Network’s Chopped (2010-present) and Chef Swap at the Beach (2022 to present). 

The New Jersey native’s fame has brought attention to her career endeavors and personal life. But, the talented chef who competed with the famous Bobby Flay on Beat Bobby Flay looks to be in love with cooking in such an intensity that it has seemingly refrained her from being in a committed long-term loving relationship with a human!

Here is what you need to know about her age, family, parents, and stance on getting married and raising a family with a husband.

Is Amanda Freitag married? Does she have a child?

No, Freitag hasn’t been married yet. As of writing, there has been no news of her marrying or having children. It seems as if marriage with a spouse is not in her cards at this moment in time. She seems to be super focused on her career, even at the age of 50. 

Is Amanda Freitag lesbian or gay? 

It seems that Freitag likes to keep her personal life private and is not into disclosing her relationships online, let alone talking about her sexuality. And because of her silence about her relationship status, many have wondered if she is single.  

But even if she is single, does her singlehood make her a lesbian?

For that reason, we cannot state her sexuality since she hasn’t disclosed it. Plus, she has never been rumored to make out with a female as of now. She has had a whole time competing with men in her culinary career. So, she might be busy maintaining her position in the business. The woman is busy, so how about letting her be?

Still, we know that she is a vocal supporter of the LGBTIQ+ community and has led her support to the community on social media. 

Nevertheless, some of her kins do want her to be a gay icon. In an April 2020 tweet, her friend Kedzie Teller stated that he wanted her to reverberate with gay individuals. In reply to the tweet, a fan exclaimed that she was already a gay icon. The fans also added that the people from the gay community loved her at Food Network.

Didn’t she turn her alleged boyfriend into her husband?

Yes, some people get too consumed with their illuminating professional life that they forget to add elements to their personal life. And the Chopped judge seems to be one such person.

There is no evidence that the 48-year-old is married or in a relationship as of now.

The only whim about her relationship status is she once allegedly had an ultrasound technician of a boyfriend named Raphael for four years. According to TUKO, she once implied that her boyfriend Raphael had gone to different places she traveled and tasted multiple cuisines with her.

Freitag was also suspected of dating a hunky man named Gregory Alan because of her selfie posts with him in June 2016 and 2018 of the same month. 

Who Dat Man: Amanda Freitag catches up with her selfie partner. (Photo: Amanda Freitag’s Instagram)

But await the truth before delving into the suspected dating details. Turns out, the pro’s ‘selfie partner’ married his wife named, Elena Ruiz, in June 2018.

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So, it seems like the chef is in love with food only. She probably has no time to look for her future husband. But the chances are, she might find her future husband in a foodie, whoever he may be.

Amanda Freitag’s bio: How old is Amanda Freitag?

The New York-based chef was born on 11 May 1972 in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. As of writing, Freitag is 50 years old. 

Her parents are her father, Paul, and her mother, Kathleen. She also has two brothers named Jason Freitag and Justin Freitag.

She had a close bonding with her grandmother, Margaret Grazioli, as suggested by her Instagram post on the occasion of women’s day. Her grandmother intrigued her as a stylish working woman in the early days.

Amanda and her brothers were left to eat prepped meals and sometimes even frozen ones, being born to busy parents. As a result, she had no option but to cook independently, which shaped her interest in cooking.

What is Amanda Freitag’s net worth?

Everyone noticed Amanda Freitag’s growing passion for food, including her home economics teacher, who suggested attending the Culinary School of America in NY, which she did. There, she says, she learned the importance of “working clean.” There, she polished her passion for cooking and also followed demanding studying routines, sometimes waking early for certain classes.  Her grandparents also equally encouraged her to work on her passion. 

And the aspiring chef was not abstinent of opportunities after she graduated from the CIA in 1989. She worked in some famous restaurant chains like Vong, Cesca Enoteca & Trattoria(2003), and many more. Freitag also got a valuable opportunity to work with chef Diana Forley whose expertise made her realize that she needed more learning about food and cooking. 

After that, Freitag grabbed extensive cooking experience by traveling to France and Italy in 1999. In this chapter of her knowledge-seeking days, she learned about various authentic dishes and the importance of cooking with the freshest ingredients. 

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Later with comprehensive knowledge in the culinary, Freitag debuted her television career in 2009 with her appearance on The Martha Stewart Show, followed by The Next Iron Chef America in its second season. Finally, she became the judge of Chopped in 2010. 

Freitag hosted the American Diner Revival with Ty Pennington from 2015 to 2016. She also published her cookbook, The Chef Next Door: A Pro Chef’s Recipes for Fun, Fearless Home Cooking, in September 2015.

In 2020, Freitag and Kevin Lillis’ Hospitality founded their new project,  Dallas-based bistro Rise & Thyme. On 1 October 2022, her recent show Chef Swap at the Beach premiered at 7 pm ET on The Cooking Channel. The show is judged by Freitag and based on a restaurant swap theme in which chefs swap their restaurants and work in their opponent’s workplace to win Chef Swap Knife, working outside their comfort zone. 

With a flourishing career, the food lover celebrates an accomplished career as a chef and has a lavishing net worth of $3 million per Celebrity Net Worth. She also has a working partnership with almond growers Blue Diamond and production company The Workshop Content Studios. In addition, she has created the digital cooking series Easy AF and cookbook ‘The Chef Next Door’ to “make cooking more approachable.” according to her website’s bio. 

Quick Wiki: Did you know? 

Her must-have carry items are a 10-inch Japanese chef knife, a small knife kit, and a Microplane. She is also a menu collector and brings home the menus of the venues she eats outs. Read more about her in her website’s bio.