Colin Morgan's acting profession not only gave name and fame to him but also awarded him a lovable partner as well. The unmarried man relishes his love life with his fiancee sharing the same profession.

The Armagh native is an award-winning actor who rose to prominence with his title role in the 2008 BBC fantasy-adventure series, Merlin. He currently appears in the main role as Leo Elster in the Channel 4's science fiction series, Humans (since 2015).

Taking Lead Roles: Colin Morgan and Rupert Everett talk about the filming of 'The Happy Prince' at Sundance 2018 on Variety (Published on 29 January 2018)

Morgan made a movie debut in the 2010 Irish drama movie, Parked, in a supporting role of a homeless drug-addict man. His other notable onscreen projects include movies such as The Happy Prince (2018)., and Legend (2015), and television series such as The Fall (2014). 

Colin Morgan's Net Worth 

Colin's career has not only awarded him with fame but with sound finance as well, which reflects in the net worth that dwells over $4 Million. He was born on the first day of 1986. He is a graduate of Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Showing his passion for acting at an early age, he performed in several theatres after moving from Northen Ireland to London.

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Since 2015, the 32-year-old has been portraying the character,  Leo Elster, in the science fiction television series, Humans. The serious is based on the story of robotics and artificial intelligence changing the dynamics of the real world socially, psychologically, and culturally.

For his alluring performance in Merlin (2008-2012), the industrious actor won the best actor award four times and got been nominated for several times.

Colin Morgan Comes Back With 'The Happy Prince'

It was on 24 May 2018 that The Happy Prince released; the movie is a biographical drama about Oscar Wilde and Colin Morgan plays a huge role in it. 

Playing alongside Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson, and Edwin Thomas, Colin embraces the role of Oscar Wilde's love and betrayer Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas who is often known for his golden hair. 

The movie has Rupert playing Oscar Wilde, Colin First as Reggie Turner, Emily Watson as Constance, and Edwin Thomas as Robbie Ross. The plot combines economical and occasional lurid with a melodramatic flourish. 

Colin Morgan has captivatingly played as Oscar's lover; their affair results in the infamous indecency trial that had Oscar in jail for two years, ruining his career.

While Oscar Wilde's view comes out as blurry because he drinks to erase his pain, his story is a haunting portrayal of the after effect of betrayal and how the master of comedy turned into a tragedy.

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Aside from The Happy Man, Colin Morgan also played the lead role as Benjamin in the comedy film, Benjamin that released on 19 October 2018 in the UK. He portrays a rising filmmaker who is hit by anxiety and nerves over his anti-social behavior and delves into a frantic romance with a singer.

Colin Morgan Attracted Gay Rumors In 2007, 2008 

He faced an allegation of being gay on the verge of his career, which initiated during his TV debut as a gay character in the 2007 British sketch comedy, The Catherine Tate Show. He awesomely depicted the role of an abashed gay man, John Leary, in the show, which added flames to the gay rumors initiated by his obscure personal life.

Similarly, Colin played an abnormal adolescent emo space boy, Jethro, known to be ignorant of his sexualityin the fourth series' 10th episode of Doctor Who's in 2008. Moreover, his character later also appeared in an intimate scene with British actor Bradley James' character in the series, Merlin.

Due to Colin and Bradley's awesome on-screen chemistry and strong bromance off-screen, they were rumored to be one of the hottest rumored gay couples back then. However, both the actors later denied the rumors, embracing their friendship and professionalism. Anyway, the allegations hadn't created trauma Colin's personal life as his then-girlfriend (revealed below) was aware of their relationship as good friends.

Colin Morgan And Girlfriend-Turned Fiancee Katie McGrath's Romance 2018

Colin Morgan's partner is none other than the 35-year-old Irish actress Katie McGrath. The duo first knew each other on the set of 2008 fantasy-adventure drama series, Merlin, in which the duo's character would ultimately go against each other - Colin's character Merlin would try to protect future King Arthur and Albion, whereas Katie's character Morgana would plot against them. 

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After two years of working together on the series, their friendship changed into a love affair, and they started dating in the year 2010, and their intimacy did not desist even after the show ended in 2012. The pair became engaged in 2016.

Colin, who is three years younger than his to-be-wife Katie, gets the emotional support from her. He takes her as a source of inspiration for him to achieve success in his career. 

The pair is often seen attending several events together. Moreover, the couple has also featured in some popular magazines.

Are Colin Morgan & Katie McGrath Married? Apparently, Colin Was

One of the most-searched queries about the famous actor in 2018 has been his marital status. Fans want to know whether he officially got married to Katie McGrath in 2018 or not. 

Colin Morgan's to-be-wife Katie poses with him for TV Guide Magazine's photoshoot  in May 2013 (Photo: TV Guide Magazine's official Instagram)

Despite their long-term relationship, they are yet to witness their wedding. The family members of the couple are contented with the blooming chemistry of the couple. Their common profession has also been a plus point to their relationship. 

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While Colin is yet to walk the aisle officially, the fans of The Living and the Dead  know him as the man 'who killed his own wife.'

2016 Season Finale Identifies Antagonist: Fan of The Living And The Dead gets surprised after the storyline reveals Nathan Appleby, Colin's character, killed his own wife Photo: (

In the famous British supernatural drama horror television series, The Living and The Dead (2016), Colin portrayed the titular character of Nathan Appleby, an experienced psychologist battling his past grief while solving the disturbing events happening in and around his family's estate in Somerset.