Often behind every successful person, there is their supportive family, helping, encouraging them when low, and laughing with them when high. However, it wasn't the case with American actress Alexis Dziena as she had to file a request for restraining order against her father.

The New York City native is famous for her role of Ashley Brooks in HBO's comedy, Entourage. Her other major roles were in ABC's sci-fi, Invasion and Miles Brandman directed the feature film, Sex and Breakfast.

Entourage: Watch Alexis Dziena play obsessive Ashley Brooks In HBO's comedy Entourage (Published on 22 June 2013)

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Here we present with some lesser known wikis about Alexis, including her age, height, net worth, relationship details, and family information.

1. Alexis Dziena Bio: Age & Height

On 8 July 1984, Alexis Gabrielle Dziena, was born in New York City to a family of Irish, Italian and Polish ethnicity. Interested in performance from an early age, Alexis started taking lessons in piano and cello.

After graduating from Saint Ann’s School, Alexis enrolled at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to get professional training in acting. She also attended New York University and further trained in acting there.

Alexis is a very short woman, standing at the height of only 157 cm (according to the wikis).

2. Alexis Dziena Was Getting Offers Since Young Age, Has Earned Massive Net Worth

By the time she was out of college, she was already getting acting offers. One of her earlier performance was in a music video for a song, What a Wonderful World, by Joey Ramone.

Alexis actually made her acting debut in a minor role in one episode of TNT’s Witchblade. Although her longest television role was with ABC’s Invasion, as sheriff’s daughter, Kira Underlay, she is mainly more famous as Ashley Brooks in HBO comedy Entourage.

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Her first major film role was in She’s Too Young, in which she appeared in the main role of a teenager. She also plays a sexually frustrated woman in Sex and Breakfast.

Our wiki sources tell us that with her performances, Alexis has earned the net worth totaling over $3 million.

3. Alexis Dziena Once Dated Michael Pitts, No Information Of Other Relationships

Not much is known about Alexis’ relationships, but for one; she once had a relationship with American actor and musician, Michael Pitt.

In the music video of What a Wonderful World, Alexis worked with Michael Pitt and apparently the couple was on a relationship at that time. They dated for a couple of years from 2002 to 2004 and then broke up, the reasons behind which are unknown.

Alexis & Boyfriend: Alexis and Michael were in a relationship for a couple of years before breaking up (Photo: gettyimages.ca)

Besides that, there has been no information about her recent romantic relationships.

4. Why Alexis Dziena Put Petition For Restraining Order Against Her Father?

While people remained curious about Alexis' personal life, her family life was the one that left people in disbelief. In recent times, her relationship with her parents, especially her father, has severed a lot.

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According to Alexis, while her parents once supported her and her dreams, they started taking advantage of the money she was earning. And once, she started to deny giving any money to them, her dad got aggressive and verbally abused her.

Alexis even tried to get a restraining order against her father, fearing that he may go at any lengths to get his hands on her money.

It is rather sad that in spite of her success, or rather because of her success, there is a rift between Alexis and her father. We can only hope that their relationship warms up soon.