For English Cricketer Sarah Taylor just a combination of her hand and gloves is enough to keep her team up and winning. Those sturdy hands which do not let a stray ball escape have also never let a single detail about her personal life drop out.  

English Native Sarah Taylor is a Professional Women Cricketer for England. She plays as a wicketkeeper and batsman for the English team.

Women Cricket: Sarah Taylor as a wicket-keeper in the cricket field (Published on Jun 29, 2018)

She plays national cricket for Sussex and is the youngest women cricketer to score 1000 runs in One Day International.

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The cricket star is the recipient of ICC Women’s T20 Cricketer of the year (2012 & 2013) and ICC Women’s ODI Cricketer of the year (2014).

Sarah Taylor's Parents Inspired Her To Play Cricket From Early Age

Born on May 20, 1989, Sarah Jane Taylor grew up like a normal girl in Whitechapel, London, England with her supportive parents whom she is very close with. Sarah's parents have been a cornerstone of her success, inspiring her to take on the field and do what she wanted to do. 

Mom and Dad: Sarah Taylor's parents who have been the cornerstone of all her success in the field (Photo: Sarah Taylor's Twitter)

And her parents' support paid off when she was selected to play cricket for the Brighton Boys College Team. She, along with former cricketer Holly Colvin, were the first women to play in the man's only club in 2008. 

What is Sarah Taylor's Net Worth?

From a young age, she was interested in Cricket and made her debut in the professional cricket world as a Test player on 8 August 2006 against India. Since then, she has excelled in every way possible in the cricket world. 

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She broke the record of highest stands in ODI in 2008 and also along with her team won the World Cup title and World T20 double in 2009. The success in her career not only limits to that, as she along with Tammy Beaumont in 2017 set the record for the highest 2nd-wicket partnership in Women's Cricket World Cup history. Sarah along with her team also won the Women's ODI 2017 against India in the finals.

Looking at all the success and recognition she has gained through her career and being the world's highest paid women cricketer it is of no surprise that the leading cricketer holds a big net worth. 

Although her net worth remains undisclosed, her salary is on for all to see. Contracted to England with a central contract, she commands a salary of $200,000. Moreover, she also has other financial supply streams-- T20 tournaments all over the world and endorsements.

Sarah Taylor Takes Break From International Cricket Citing Mental Health Issues

As a player, not only physical fitness but mental fitness is essential in the field as well.

The physically fit and athletic Sarah also had a period of mental illness that completely sidelined her from the game.

She opened up about her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks and took a break from the game in 2016 before returning to the field after a break. However, her issue was not completely solved and recently has again been on a break again. She missed England's tour of India earlier in 2018 and will not be present for World T20, which begins on Nov 9, 2018.

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In an interview with Telegraph UK (2018) England coach Mark Robinson said:

"Since the end of the summer, Sarah hasn't been able to train fully with the squad due to not being as fit as she would want to be from a psychological point of view. At the moment she isn't in a place where we would all be comfortable that the demanding training, playing and travel schedule wouldn't potentially put her backward and make her road to full recovery longer.”

Mental health is as important as physical health and it’s great that she realizes it and is taking a break she deserves! 

Who Is Sarah Taylor’s Boyfriend in 2018?

It’s always a wonder for her fans, whether the gorgeous and sporty Sarah is married, engaged or dating?

Flaunting a diva like figure with alluring measurements and 5 feet and 7 inches height, she has the persona to melt the heart away of all men.

However, with millions following her and having a crush on her, one question that remains is who is she smitten on?

Sarah ranks at the very top when it comes to cricket, but when it comes to her relationships she would probably rank the last. All that because she has never opened up about her relationships and her probable boyfriend. 

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And the torture not only limits to that for the fans. When a curious fan eagerly asked her about whether she was single or married, she engaged her followers in a series of a dilemma as she replied in a rather sneaky way.

On the question, if she had a husband or was single, she replied 'Neither' hinting that she was not married but maybe had a partner or boyfriend as she also denied about being single.

Husband No, Partner Maybe: Sarah Taylor sparks rumors of a romance after she replied negatively on being married and being single hinting at having a partner (Photo: Sarah Taylor's Twitter)

Moreover, when she was asked about her relationship status, she replied with hush-hush emojis, indicating she did not want to speak about her personal life in public platforms.

Single or Not: Sarah Taylor's answer when asked if she had a boyfriend or was single (Photo: Sarah Taylor's Twitter)

Despite her hush-hush, it clears up that she doesn't have a husband but it definitely signals that she has a possible boyfriend in her life! 

We can’t wait to meet that lucky partner of hers!