American news anchor, Heather Childers has a found a perfect partner for her love life. She is enjoying a romantic relationship with her boyfriend.

The North Carolina Native is known as the anchor of the Fox News Channel's morning show, Fox & Friends First. Heather was previously an anchor for Fox's America's News Headquarters. The former Miss North Carolina Preliminary has made a remarkable contribution in the field of television journalism. 

Childers has been awarded the Best Female News Anchor award for her work by the National Academy of Television Journalists

Career Works: Heather works as one of rotating co-hosts of Fox & Friends First in 2018 (Photo:

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She has also received numerous awards for her work.

Born As A Younger Daughter Heather Shares An Intimate Bond With Her Family

The talented journalist was born on 7 January 1969 to parents; Tobe and Barbara Childers. She has an elder sister named Scarlett and is from an all-white ethnicity.

She pursued her high school education at Myers Park High School in 1987. She later attended the University of North Carolina and gained an undergraduate degree in English.

Heather shares an intimate bond with her family. She usually celebrates festivals with her family. She Instagrammed a birthday wish to her grandmother, Lucille, on her 100th birthday in October 2017.

Heather Childers Late Health Issues: Journalism Career Earns Prominent Part Of Her Net Worth

Childers commenced her journalism profession joining the NBC-affiliated WCNC-TV as a producer/reporter in 1992. She later worked as a weekday anchor and news director in Fox-affiliated  WFXL channel. In 2010, she joined Fox News Channel and started working as a general assignment reporter. Late, she was appointed as an anchor of Fox & Friends First in 2017

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In her eighth year with Fox News Channel, on 13 July 2018, Heather Childers suffered a major setback in her career. The anchor, after a shocking medical emergency and surgery to avoid being paralyzed for the rest of life, opened up about her close brush with a prospect lifetime paralysis,

 "Take it from me: ignoring a health problem won’t make it go away. Don't make excuses when you are dealing with real physical symptoms, or wait for a medical emergency before you see a doctor."

It was her spinal cord, her problem since childhood, which all of a sudden created a lot of problems as it was being dangerously compressed towards her neck.

Spinal Cord Injury: Heather shares a post on her facebook thanking her well-wishers and acknowledging about her recovery (Photo: Heather Childers' Facebook) 

She had to undergo a quick surgery which made her absent for around one and a half months in her show, Fox & Friends First.

Despite late setbacks, she has recovered herself and resumed her work from September and is enjoying her tenure in FOX network.

She has earned a prominent part of her net worth from her journalism career. She earns a significant amount of salary as an experienced employee in the Fox network. According to, the average salary for fox news anchor is $62K annually. Given she has been on the network for more than seven years in the leading positions, she enjoys a lofty salary plus incentives. 

In her love life, the fox news personality has been dating a radiologist, who is often mentioned on her social media posts.

Dating Life: Is Heather Childers Married?

Heather has been dating American radiologist Tom Zban. He is a former Virginia Tech football player, who currently serves as a physician at Mecklenburg Radiology Associates in Charlotte.

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The couple loves visiting various romantic locations for their vacations. In February 2018, she went for a vacation with her boyfriend at Granada island in February 2018.

Selfie-Time: Heather enjoys a vacation with her boyfriend, Tom at Granada island in February 2018 (Photo: Heather Childer's Instagram)

It turns out that both the lovebirds are baseball fans. They often visit the Yankees stadium to support their favorite baseball team.

Heather, 49, is a fortunate lady to have found a husband-alike partner in her mid age.

However, the pair has not publicly disclosed about their marital plan yet. Whatever be the case, she is happy with John, and the couple has enjoyed many blissful moments together.

As of now, the mystery of Heather Childers' relationship keeps awaiting.