Katie Nolan and her comedian boyfriend Dan Soder have kept their relationship details close to their heart — confining all typical hints that could prove their dating status.

Their rare mention of one another in tweets and a special interview, thankfully, has satiated fans' concerns about if they are still together. 

Her Boyfriend Appear on Her Shows

It would be fair to speculate that Nolan and Soder hit it off after meeting for a professional cause. The Billions actor has appeared in Nolan's multiple shows, starting from 2015. 

On November 19, 2015, he appeared on Garbage Time With Katie Nolan, and the pair chatted on his love for Blaine Gabbert and pro wrestling. From then onwards, he joined the ESPN host on multiple shows, including her podcast, Sports?.

As the appearance of the duo increased on-screen, their bond off the screen strengthened gradually. But neither of them were vocal about their relationship — due to which it is still unclear when they started dating. 


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Nevertheless, the Boston native has hinted about their growing bond via multiple tweets.

On April 2020, she wrote if she had to make a quarantined couple podcast content, she would talk about watching pro wrestling matches for the first time.

When a Twitterati commented saying he could bet she knew little about wrestling, she said t would not be a problem since her boyfriend — obviously Soder — knew all about it. 

Likewise, when the sale of Dunkin’ clothing products was advertised via a tweet on November 13, 2020, Nolan mentioned her partner in the reply and suggested if he would buy those for Christmas. Dolan, keeping up with his usual humor, replied with a funny Santa Claus gif. 

Though the couple didn't refer, has never referred, to one another as boyfriend and girlfriend, eagle-eyed fans could easily speculate about their brewing romance.

One fan guessed about their relationship, and asked, "Is my fav comedian dating my fav sports gal?" To which, another follower replied stating they were dating for over a year. 

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Soder Confronts the Dating News

On January 14, 2021, Soder talked with Kevin Clancy and confronted the dating reports.

He shared how weird it was for him and his partner to have their dating news on the headlines. Multiple magazines, including Page Six, reported their relationship. 

The stand-up comedian said he felt super weird to see people be engaged in his relationship status rather than his work. He mentioned that he always wanted to keep his personal life away from the media and never used names of people, even in his comedy skits. 

The Guy Code actor also stated he was lucky to have been in such a weird situation with Nolan. He affirmed their dating status and revealed they fell in love during their work hours.

Soder then praised his girlfriend, saying she was a fun person to hang out with and a great person.