American actor Wilson Bethel walked around with his fans following him everywhere he went because of his charming personality. Men wanted to be him; women wanted to be with him.

The New Hampshire native is famous for his portrayal as Wade Kinsella on American comedy-drama series, Hart of Dixie (2011-2015). He is well adored for his recurring role as Ryder Callahan on the CBS daytime-soap-opera, The Young and the Restless, from 2009 to 2011. Aside from that, he will also be making his debut on Season 3 of Netflix’s Daredevil as the protagonist’s nemesis, Bullseye - an FBI agent -alongside American actor Vincent D'Onofrio's character, Kingpin.

The Marvel fans are looking forward to Wilson’s portrayal of the vigilante’s arch-nemesis in the upcoming season of Daredevil - the blind but awesome vigilante.

Bullseye Wilson: Daredevil Season 3 Bullseye Teaser Explained and Infinity War Netflix Timeline; Youtuber Charlie explains how Wilson Bethel's character will fit into Marvel Timeline (Published on May 30, 2018)

Wilson is also currently working as both the star and creator of the web series, Stupid Hype on the CW’s new online platform, CWD.

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Wilson Bethel's Bio: Family & Siblings

Born on 24 February 1984 in Hillsboro, USA, Stephen Wilson parents are artist Stephen Bethel and To Die For author Joyce Maynard. The talented actor learned from his parents' different artistic professions and decided to enhance his artistic side as well being an actor. He has two siblings named Audrey and Charlie.

His mother is a famous American journalist (wrote for the likes of The New York Times, Seventeen magazine) and author known for writing numerous novels such as Baby Love; Labor Day; Under The Influence, and After Her.

Wilson Bethel's; The Young and the Restless, Hart of Dixie

Bethel had performed in various one-time roles on shows such as JAGCold Case; and NCIS, before joining in a recurring role on The Young and the Restless in 2009. However, a year later, he confirmed his exit. He said goodbye to his fans stating that he had a great time on the show and wished that it could have lasted a little longer. He kept his words returning to the show in 2011. However, it was only for a single episode.

Later the same year, he was announced amongst the main cast in the comedy-drama series, Hart of Dixie. The show went on to become a hit, starting in 2011 and ending in 2015.

Know Wilson Bethel's Net Worth

If Wilson’s handsome looks don't get you jealous, his hefty income will.

It’s not only acting that Wilson has his hands on. From eatery to fashion, he has it all under his control.

Generally, people know him for his on-screen acting. But off the screen, there lies a smart business persona. His tactics of profitable stock investments, substantial property holdings and lucrative endorsement deals for branded products have kept him up in the list of riches.

And in October 2018, he has topped on the list of People With Money’s top 10 highest-paid actors for 2018. The magazine disclosed his net worth to be around $75 million in combined earnings. He has garnered a total of more than $4 million from acting gig alone.

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The actor also owns restaurants around Washington operating under the title of Fat Bethel Burger chain. Also, he is the owner of a Football Team named the Hillsborough Angels.

He has launched his brand of vodka- Pure Wonder Bethel and one of the leading perfume, With Love From Wilson. What’s more to him! It would be a fashion line called Wilson Bethel Seduction.

This man has a lot going on, doesn't he?

Is Wilson Bethel Gay?

Wilson Bethel - most men want to be him while most women want to be with him - has a darling face, a muscular body & a set of eyes that pull anyone who gazes at them.

After watching him on Hart of Dixie, many fans wanted someone just like the eccentric bartender character, Wade Kinsella, who he played. Among those fans were both women and gay men falling in love with Wade's adorable smirk and the changed man he became from the immature, womanizing person he was to a caring individual, for the sake of his love towards Zoe Hart, portrayed by American actress Rachel Bilson.

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Alongside the captivating portrayal of hopeless Wade on The Young and the Restless, Wilson's real-life emotional persona (plus his obscure personal life) projected him as an ideal loving partner among his fans of all genders. In addition, fans knew that he loved the movie, Notebook, so much so that he cried after watching it. 

Unfortunately for one group of his fans who wanted to capture his heart, it was less enjoying to hear that he preferred to date women. 

Back in 2012, when Bethel was interviewed by the website Really, he made his LGBTIQ fans jealous stating he liked making 'things for a girl,'

“I’m fond of the sunset hike, doing things outdoors — a little corny I suppose. And I like making things for a girl, like drawings. Or I’ll write poems or songs — I’m that guy."

With the revelation, his fans again wondered about his love life, speculating on who possibly could fit as his 'girlfriend.'

Hart of Dixie Co-star Was Wilson's Girlfriend

During the same time when the gay rumors about him were put to the rest with his Really interview in 2012; the fans yet again added two plus two to get the answer that he was dating actress Hassie Harrison, who guest starred on Hart of Dixie for one episode.

They reported pair, however, kept their relationship private before breaking up amicably.

His former girlfriend, Harrison, is currently dating Walking Dead alum, Austin Nichols. They marked their debut as a couple at Oceana’s 11th Annual SeaChange Summer Party in Laguna Beach, California, on Saturday, July 21, 2018.

Party & Love: Actress Hassie Harrison shows off new boyfriend, Walking Dead Alum Austin Nichols, at 11th annual Seachange Summer Party in California on 21 July 2018. (Photo: USA magazine)

Previously, American actor Austin Nichols was dating Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D actress Chole Benett. Like Hassie and Wilson, the pair also broke up amicably - they broke up after dating for 4 years in 2017

Is Wilson Bethel Dating Or Married In 2018; Wife, Girlfriend, or Single?

Wilson, who has been a coy and low-key man, has kept quiet concerning his dating life.

Even though it’s hard to believe that he might be single, maybe he is single after all! If that’s the case, good news to all of you.

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Judging from his latest career trademarks, he doesn’t seem to have time to date, or maybe he has been dating someone secretly - whatever be the case, well, that's his business.