American broadcast journalist Tamron Hall has finally indulged in a new relationship after almost a series of broken engagements.

The Texas native famously came to spotlight as a reporter to NBC News. Later, her fame enriched when she became the first African American woman to anchor NBC's flagship program Today show in 2014. 

Today Was FunTamron Hall in the set of Today Show with her other crew members on 26 July 2013 (Photo:

The 47-year-old journo has been currently working with streaming service Hulu for an exclusive program titled Tamron's Hall Pass which is slated to release at the end of 2018.

Tamron Hall's Impressive Career: From Local Channel To Global News Broadcaster

Tamron first debuted in the journaling world as a reporter for WFLD-TV in 1997. She reported on Chicago Politics for ten years before joining the MSNBC and NBCNews in 2007. 

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In MSNBC, Tamron first worked as a general reporter and then became a substitute for Keith Olbermann in Countdown with Keith Olbermann. In 2009, she joined the two-hour program, The Big Picture with David Shuster and worked there until the program concluded in 2010. 

Afterward, she landed as a host in the talk show NewsNation with Tamron Hall and covered many American events. In February 2014, Tamron started working as the co-anchor for Today's Take, the third hour of Today Shoe, and became the first Afro-American woman to host the show.

She also hosted the Deadline: Crime With Tamron Hall, on Investigation Discovery in July 2013, and dedicated the show to her late sister who was murdered in 2004. 

The newscaster was born on 16 September 1967 in Chicago. Apart from that her personal life before fame has been a bit sketchy with little revelations. 

She Leaves Her Fans In Shock After Announcing To Leave Today Show

In February 2017, Tamron quitted NBC News and NBC. There were reports that she left the network after knowing that she would lose her spot on Today, and also her show would also be cut by an hour.

Online gossip websites were full of comments about the cause of her departure. The internet was rife with suggestions that Tamron Hall was a victim of 'whitening' and Megyn Kelly was the reason behind Hall's departure.

Moreover, it was finally decided that Today's Take a third-hour segment Tamron hosted was to be replaced with Kelly's new show.  

Tamron Hall's Substitute After Awkwardly Failing Is Fired

Tamron however, trying to keep the spotlight away from her, had her reasoning saying that her contract would expire by the end of the month and was leaving for newer pastures. 

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Hall had been on the show for ten years, and she had to leave her third-hour slot with Al Roker as NBC made way for Kelly.

But six months into her tenure, Kelly has awkwardly failed to impress with the ratings. Likewise, the number of 9 am viewers dropped 18 percent to 2.4 million compared to Hall and Roker's tenure.

To add more to Kelly's wrong impressions, The TV host was fired from her job for being racist after her comments to black people and using black faces as a Halloween mask in her show.

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After NBC and Fox confirmed she would not be making a return to the networks, Kelly trying to make up their mind, suggested in her comments that there was nothing wrong with people donning blackface, following it up with an apology which was not enough for corporations to risk hiring her.

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Hall, on the other hand, made fun out of it as she was seen making a jibe at Megyn Kelly along with Soledad O'Brien during an on-stage chat at an event to celebrate 30 years of Harlem United. 

Tamron Hall Plans To Take On NBC Joining Rivals ABC

As of now, Tamron is busy preparing for her new show Tamron's Hall Pass that is to stream in 2018. Not just that, on 8 August 2018, The Hollywood Reporter reported that the former NBC employee had agreed on discussions about her own show with rival network ABC. 

The reports further revealed that all contracts had been sorted and Tamron could have her show-ready by 2019. Despite little leaks about the show, it is believed she has been reading scripts for a daytime show, which is set to be syndicated throughout the states in ABC's sister networks. 

She herself confirmed about the news expressing her joy at joining the greatest network in the world, in a subtle dig to her former employers NBC. 

Moreover, news of Tamron returning to ABC following Megyn Kelly's axing has created hullabaloo in recent times.

Only time will tell!

Tamron Hall's Personal Life: Nearly Married Twice

Focusing on the personal life of Tamron, it has come to the limelight that she was very close to getting married a couple of times. She admitted that she chickened out from two weddings that were meant to happen in Las Vegas and Cozumel.

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Tamron was also speculated to be dating her co-anchor, Lawrence O’Donnell from 2012 to 2016. The pair even attended the 2016's White House Correspondents’ Dinner. But nothing much on their relationship surfaced out later. 

Instead in 2017, Tamron mentioned that she was seeing a boyfriend named Tony. Still, it became unclear if the information was untrue as no evidence to support her came out in media. 

Although Tamron's relationships were not explicit then, she made it clear that she is in a relationship.

Her Boyfriend Is From Entertainment World!

During an interview with Steve Harvey in the Steve Harvey show in February 2017, Tamron revealed that she has been seeing a person, her boyfriend.

Though Harvey did not spill the beans on the identity of her boyfriend and the date from when they are dating, she disclosed that her boyfriend belongs to the entertainment world.

Moreover, she also told Steve that dating in public has been harder for her boyfriend than for her as they have to watch her on TV after any breakups. 

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In 2017's Valentine's Day, Tamron even uploaded a bunch of flowers and hinted that those were the gift from her boyfriend. She captioned the picture writing, 

ll you need is Love but of course beautiful flowers are nice too. Enjoy your day with your spouses, significant others, friends, and family. Here is a hug from your arms.

Tamron finally moved on for her failed relationship and seems to have found the one to get married and call her husband. 

Tamron Is Married And Pregnant!

Yes! Tamron Hall is a married woman and is also about to become a mother. News that left her fans in shock and in awe. Tamron revealed that she was married to her partner Steven Greener who is a music executive. News of her being pregnant was revealed by Tamron herself on her Instagram page where she shared a heartwarming message and a video of her revealing her baby bump.

It seems Tamron and her hubby cannot wait for their first child to be born. The husband and wife are now about to begin a new chapter in their lives as fathers and mothers. Let us hope that their journey is as fruitful as their relationship.