Imagine how heartbroken British boxer Nicola Adams must be, when her long-time lesbian partner got engaged to a man—and not so long after their separation.

The Yorkshire-native rose to fame after winning successive gold medals in the 2012 London Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics in women's flyweight boxing.

Rio Olympics 2016: Defending Champion Nicola Adams successfully defends the title of women's flyweight boxing in Rio Olympics (Published on 23 August 2018)

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Nicola Adams is the first British boxer since 1924 to have successfully defended their Olympic title.

Nicola Adams Started To Box At Age 13

Born on 26 October 1982, in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, Nicola Adams attended Agnes Stewart Church of England High School in Ebor Garden, Leeds.

Nicola later attended Hopwood Hall College in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Her parents were of mixed heritage, with a mix of British, Caribbean, and French.

With large dreams on sight, Nicola told her mother she was going to win Olympic gold when she was very little. Her boxing career actually began at the age of 13, when she fought and won her first game.

Nicola Adams Climbed Ladders Rapidly

Although she didn't get to fight for four years after her first victory, Nicola started to rise higher than her counterparts very rapidly. By 2003, Nicola had become the English Amateur Champion, a title she defended for next 3 editions of the competition.

In 2007, Nicole went on to become the first English female boxer to win a medal in a major tournament, after winning silver in 54 kg division of European Championship in Denmark. The very next year she won silver again in World Championship in China.

Her pinnacle of success, however, was the gold in 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and then the successful defense of the title four years later in Rio.

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Though full details of her net worth are not in the open, it could soon reach into millions as she recently signed a professional boxing deal with Frank Warren.

Openly Bisexual; Was In Lesbian Relationship For Long Time

In contrast to her professional success, her personal life has had its highs and its lows. It couldn’t have been easier for a professional boxer to come out as a bisexual (not actually a gay).

However, her relationship with a fellow gay boxer, Marlen Esparza, who Nicola met during London Olympics, was certainly a peak point in her personal happiness.

Although they were each other’s rivals when they first met during London Olympics (Nicola won the gold and Marlen the bronze in the same flyweight competition), years later they turned into partners, and then finances.

Nicola & Girlfriend: Nicola and her girlfriend Marlen had over two years of relationship and 16 months of engagement (Photo:

The lesbian partners were having a great relationship—until the tragedy struck.

Engagement Ended Abruptly, Gay Partner Engaged To A Guy

Due to some very unfortunate turn of events, the girlfriends separated from each other after 16 months of engagement.

While it remains mysterious how the partners separated, but soon after the separation Marlen fell for her trainer and got engaged with him. As it turned out, Marlen either wasn't lesbian at all or was a bisexual like Nicola.

Whatever the sexual orientation of Marlen is, it certainly must have broken Nicola's heart to see her ex-girlfriend getting married to a guy so soon after their breakup.

But since she has her professional boxing career to focus on, Nicola might soon be forgetting about Marlen and even find someone else to be happy with—guy or girl.