Ashley Snowden is a famous reality TV personality. She is well known for starring in the TLC series Seeking Sister Wife. The series follows the journey of her unique polygamous marriage

The reality star has been in many controversies with her husband, Dimitri Snowden, earlier this year. After a short hiatus, Ashely is now ready to resume her work. 

Ashley Snowden Is Back With Her Business

The reality star recently took to Instagram to announce her shop had reopened. 

With an adorable picture of her three children, Ashley shared her business ALOHA SNOW was ready to redistribute to customers.

In the caption, the reality star mentioned she needed some time to release, regroup, and re-establish her business. But now, she was back with a goal to support her customers' healing journey.  

She further claimed she was grateful for everyone’s love and patience.

Ashley is a big advocate for finding inner peace. So her vision with her company is to help everyone be in alignment with their divine selves.

Talking about her job, the Reality star is a spiritual herbalist. Her business is related to producing Spirited Plant Medicines. In addition, she sells handmade products like healing tincture, salve, and oils. 

Passionate about dance from a young age, Ashley is also a licensed Zumba instructor. 

Along with her businesses, Ashley also has a podcast with Dimitri. She is also actively involved with Seeking Sister Wife. However, her net worth has not been revealed yet.   

The Controversy Surrounding Christeline Petersen

Ashley and Dimitri made headlines in March 2021. The couple was accused of domestic violence by their sister wife, Christeline Petersen.

Petersen flew over to Los Angeles as Dimitri’s potential sister wife. The pair got married on July 9, 2020, and became Dimitri’s third wife.  

However, a year later, Petersen filed a restraining order against her husband and Ashley. Dimitri was accused of physical abuse and had been violent towards Petersen multiple times.

Petersen claimed she was a victim of both physical and mental abuse. The violence would allegedly get so out of hand that it even scared Petersen’s two younger daughters. 

Along with her husband, Ashley had also been allegedly abusive towards Petersen. Ashley had shoved her to prevent Petersen from leaving their home. She claimed the reality star had even thrown a bottle at her. 

After filing a case, the court granted Petersen a temporary restraining order against Dimitri. However, Ashley did not get the restraining order because of a lack of information.  

The restraining order was dissolved soon after. However, after staying silent and multiple court visits, Dimitri filed for divorce from Peterson in May. 

Dimitri stated Petersen had "abandoned their marriage.” He further claimed he knew nothing about her whereabouts. 

Ashley Snowden’s Personal Life

Ashley is the second wife of Dimitri. The pair share three children - Nenú, Nío, and Nari. The family seems to be very close. 

The couple has even dedicated an Instagram page for their children where they constantly share wholesome photos and videos of their three little ones.

There had been pregnancy speculations for the couple back in October 2020. Her fans had asked if she was pregnant when they noticed a bump in her stomach.

The reason for her bulge being diastasis recti. The reality star took to Instagram to address those rumors and her struggle with her medical condition. 

In her caption, she addressed that even though she loved her body, she was still uncomfortable sometimes. She explained diastasis recti was not detectable most of the time.

But during ovulation, or on her moon cycle, the condition would cause a slight bulge in her belly. 

The Snowdens had a miscarriage. On Mother’s Day, 2021, Ashley revealed to her fans that she had suffered the pain of miscarriage. 

While wishing every mother who had lost their child under different circumstances, she preached kindness and love.