Sister Wives is a TLC reality TV series that revolves around the polygamist Brown family. In 2018, TLC introduced its spinoff, Seeking Sister Wife. 

Seeking Sister Wife follows three families who are looking to incorporate a sister wife in their family. They are either seeking, dating, or ready to include a new sister wife in their lives. 

One of the prominent families in the show is the Snowdens. Dimitri and Ashley Snowden are the first polygamous African American family to be represented on reality TV. 

The Snowdens had tried to figure things out with various sister wives in the past few years. Eventually, they incorporated Christeline Petersen as their sister wife. 

Dimitri and Petersen got married on July 2020. However, things did not go well between the trio. On May 11, 2021, Petersen filed for divorce against Dimitri. 

The Story Behind Dimitri And Petersen’s Divorce 

Petersen and Dimitri’s relationship started remotely. She had once visited the Snowdens’ place in Los Angeles and had returned to her home in South Africa. 

She joined the Snowdens with her two children in 2020 before the travel bans were imposed.

She got married to Dimitri in July of the same year. However, after a couple of months, she accused the Snowdens of abusing her. 

Petersen filed a restraining order against the Snowdens on March 2021. She claimed she was abused numerous times in 2020. Allegedly, Dimitri slammed her head onto the headboard and choked her while they were intimate. 

She said that the physical abuse happened on more than one instance. She further accused Ashley of verbally abusing her.

She also claimed that Ashley did not allow her to leave the house and scared her children. 

The Judge had granted a temporary restraining order against Dimitri. However, on April 28, the restraining order was dissolved on the grounds of lack of burden of proof. 

On May 14, People reported Dimitri had filed for divorce against Petersen. The divorce was filed on May 11, citing the date of separation as January 21. 

The reason for separation was irreconcilable differences.

Dimitri has requested that Petersen not get spousal support from the court. Similarly, there be no division of their assets. 

Dimitri has further claimed that he does not know where Petersen is, and she had abandoned their marriage. There has been no other information about the couple’s divorce. 

Some Facts About Dimitri Snowden

Dimitri was born in New York to a Cuban father and African American mother. He had a tough childhood since he could not fit in with society and the black community. 

Both of his parents are highly educated. This led Dimitri to follow in their footsteps and study a lot. From a young age, he was very creative and curious about everything. 

With an IQ of 129, he went to college during his 20s. Unfortunately, due to a lack of money, he dropped out. But that did not stop Dimitri. 

With his strong curiosity in noetic science and quantum mechanics, Dimitri became a self-taught computer programmer. As for his job, he is an ontological architect.

Basically, he designs various experiences using artificial intelligence to understand the world a bit better. He studies humans and technology to make digital content eventually. 

He has invented several products to date. Some of them are a USB rechargeable like an AA battery named hypervolt, a survival bag with less-lethal weapons, and a charter robot with kindergarten to grade eight school curriculums called awsm robot. 

Dimitri has a lot of business ventures as an ontological architect as well as a reality TV star. However, his net worth has not been revealed to date.

By looking at his comfortable lifestyle via Seeking Sister Wife and Instagram, it can be presumed that he makes a significant amount annually.