Granddaughter of the late-billionaire H. Gary Morse, Megan Boone has been with her fiance for the past three years or more. Her daughter has already turned four since the last time that the actor announced her engagement and pregnancy. 

Despite that, The Blacklist (2013) actor shows no signs of getting married to her to-be husband Dan Estabrook. But she herself claims that their relationship is for the long haul. 

In the meantime, she looks like she is living a decent life with her artist husband, Dan Estabrook, and their daughter, who is turning out to be quite the artist herself. 

Boone Has An Adorable Daughter With To-be Husband Dan Estabrook

Boone has been with American fine artist Dan Estabrook since December 16, 2017. Not many know this as she had kept it pretty well-hidden from the public. 

The Blacklist star broke her silence regarding her relationship when she appeared on Live! With Kelly and Michael episode on January 18, 2016.

When she appeared on the show, she mentioned that she was five months along with her pregnancy. She then hit the audience with a double whammy when she added that she was also engaged to her boyfriend, Dan Estabrook. 

She revealed that her boyfriend proposed to her about the same time they found out about the pregnancy. 

Most people know Boone’s portrayal as FBI rookie profiler Liz Keene alongside actor James Spader in The Blacklist. Before her engagement announcement, there were many rumors circulating about her relationship with fellow actor Ryan Eggold. The rumors sprang up because both the actors share an undeniable chemistry on-screen. 

That all went down the drain with the engagement news that the actor hit her fans with. Speaking further about the baby, Boone said that she was expecting a baby girl and joked that she and her fiance were “in it for the long haul” when they made another human being. 

She did not reveal the details of how her fiance proposed to her, going only as far as to say that he proposed when they both discovered that she was pregnant. 

Megan's Daughter Caroline Boone Estabrook Takes After Her Father

Megan and Dan's daughter Caroline is already 4 years old as of now. She was born on 15th April 2016. 

And much to Boone’s disappointment (presumably), her daughter takes after her fiance, in that she has a penchant for art. 

One can see that the now grown-up baby girl dabbles with painting now and even getting good at it. 

Much like her father, Caroline also seems to have a knack for the finer things in life. This is apparent when she was seen appreciating some sort of egg collection with her father in the Museum of Hunting and Nature. 

The father himself is an award-winning Fine Artist based in Brooklyn. He won the 1994 Artist’s Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. The award was for his work in sculpting and painting. Additionally, he is also a faculty member of the MFA at Lesley University. 

Despite having a kid together, the pair haven't tied the knot as there seems to be no sort of official news on that front.

That being said, a December 16 post that the couple posted in each of their IG handles did raise some eyebrows. 

The post featured Boone in a white short dress holding a bouquet in her hands. At the same time, Estabrook was dressed in formal attire, draped in a long coat. Each of the couples posted a separate caption on their picture. Estabrook wrote, “Three years ago today…”, and Boone wrote, “Happy 3rd anniversary to this beloved fellow- both in the picture and taking it…” 

This picture does suggest that the couple could have officiated their 3rd anniversary by tying the knot. But looking at (what looks to be) Boone’s baby bump, the picture could have very well been a throwback to the time when both of them decided to get engaged after being pregnant with Caroline.

Megan Boone’s Tattoos Gives An Insight Into The Kind Of Person She Is

Another thing that the actor has kept well hidden from the public is the fact that she has tattoos, two tattoos to be precise. 

One tattoo is located below her right shoulder blade and is of an elderly woman looking pensive. The person could be anyone from someone close to her, such as her grandmother, to just a figure. It is hard to take a guess on this one.

Although, it is worth mentioning that her grandfather was the late-great billionaire Harold Gary Morse who was the developer of the adult retirement community, The Villages, in Florida. The actor herself was born and raised in Michigan, but her parents moved her to The Villages to re-connect with her grandparents. 

This family history certainly could be a touching point for the actor, and the person could very well be her grandmother. 

Megan Boone Showing Off Her Tattoos (photo: Reddit)

Another tattoo that she has is on her upper right arm, and it is of a dream catcher. Why a dream catcher? Well, maybe it has something to do with her star sign. Having been born on April 29, 1983, Boone is a Taurus, and it is said that Taurus women are somewhat of a dreamer. So, we can assume that this particular tattoo has something to do with it. But our guess is as good as yours!