Megan Boone, the granddaughter of the late-billionaire H. Gary Morse, has been with her alleged husband, Dan Estabrook, since 2015. The pair are also parents to 5-year-old daughter Caroline Estabrook.

But Boone and Estabrook have chosen to keep their marriage or, as a matter of fact, whole relationship details under wraps.

Her Relationship Came to Spotlight with Pregnancy News

Boone's secret relationship with artist Estabrook became public in November 2015 when the news came out that she and her partner were expecting a baby together. At that time, she was three months pregnant.

Next year in January, the Step Up Revolution actress herself shared that the couple was expecting a daughter during an appearance on Live! With Kelly and Michael show.

"I haven’t told anybody yet, but I’m going to have a girl," she said.

She further revealed that she was engaged to her partner and was looking forward to getting married very soon.

Estabrook had proposed to her about the same time they found out about the pregnancy.

Later, on April 17, 2016, Boone confirmed the birth of her first child, Caroline, through Instagram by posting a picture with the baby. Her daughter was born on April 15.


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Are Boone and Estabrook Married?

The couple has definitely not announced that they have been married to date.

But the two are allegedly married. A few internet outlets have also reported that they tied the knot shortly after the birth of their daughter in 2016. And since then, they have kept their marriage a secret.

Boone even has a hint of her marriage date in a cryptic Instagram post on December 15, 2020.

She posted a picture of himself and Estabrook, writing, "Happy 3rd Anniversary to this beloved fellow- both in the picture and taking it, immortalizing us inside our project. What’s next?!"

In the picture, Boone wore a white short dress holding a bouquet in her hands, while Estabrook was dressed in formal attire, draped in a long coat.

On the same day, Estabrook shared the same picture and stated that the picture was taken three years ago after City Hall.

Remember, the actress previously said that she got engaged the same year she was pregnant, i.e., in 2015. So, if she was celebrating her engagement anniversary in 2020, she should have mentioned the 5th anniversary, but instead, she wrote the 3rd anniversary in her post.

With the given details, we cannot claim that they are married, but it cannot be neglected that they might be secretly married.

Her Alleged Husband Dan Estabrook's Bio

Estabrook an award-winning fine artist based in Brooklyn.

He won the 1994 Artist’s Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. The award was for his work in sculpting and painting.

He is also a faculty member of the MFA at Lesley University.

Boone’s Tattoos Gives An Insight Into The Kind Of Person She Is

Another thing that The Blacklist actress has kept well hidden from the public is that she has tattoos two tattoos, to be precise. 

One tattoo is located below her right shoulder blade and is of an older woman looking pensive. The person could be anyone close to her, such as her mother or grandmother, to just a figure. It is hard to take a guess on this one.


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It is worth mentioning that her grandfather was the late-great billionaire Harold Gary Morse, the developer of the adult retirement community, The Villages, in Florida.

The actor herself was born and raised in Michigan, but her parents moved her to The Villages to re-connect with her grandparents. 

This family history certainly could be a touching point for the actor, and the person could very well be her grandmother.

Another tattoo that she has is on her upper right arm, and it is a dream catcher.

Why a dream catcher? Well, maybe it has something to do with her star sign. Having been born on April 29, 1983, Boone is a Taurus, and it is said that Taurus women are somewhat of a dreamer.

So, we can assume that this particular tattoo has something to do with it. But our guess is as good as yours!