Nicknamed as “Lady Heroin” for her involvement in the Memphis drug trade, Marjorie Harvey, the then Marjorie Bridges-Woods found Steve Harvey as her love at age 53. Despite getting all the criticisms as of being a gold digger, she does not hesitate to be with him after all.

The American native was just an ordinary fashion blogger until she met Steve, whose popularity helped her rise to stardom. She even created a fashion blogger named The Lady Loves Couture. She runs the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation (SMHF) which officially inaugurated in 2010 for reaching out the unreached.

Here is a list of interesting wikis about her age, bio, kids, ex-husband and net worth.

1. Marjorie Harvey Short Bio Including Kids & Net Worth

Majorie Harvey was born as Marjorie Bridges on 10 October 1964, in the United States. She joined the ‘University of Memphis’ in 1984 but had to drop out of studies due to her bad reports.

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The fashion icon, age 53, is a stepmother to twin daughters Karli and Brandi, and son Broderick Steve Jr and Wynton after she married to Steve Harvey.

Marjorie and Steve together started the SMHF foundation. According to wiki sources, Steve has an estimated net worth of over $100 million. But Marjorie's Net worth remains behind the cameras.

2. Unfolding Her Divorce History

The fashion icon and internet personality shares a shady past of herself as she had two divorces with the drug sellers before finally settling out with Steve.

Her first husband was Jim L. Townsend, whom she quickly divorced as he was arrested and imprisoned for life.

Having divorced Townsend, it seemed as if she wanted to run away from the antisocial life but having been habituated to it; she couldn't force a runaway all that soon.

For the second time, she got married to another drug seller Donell Woods. As expected, Donell was soon caught by Police due to his anti-social activity which resulted in her second divorce.

Well, everything that comes third in life is expected to be at least a life changer. With that being said, it looked as if Marjorie too recieved her life-changing third as she tied a knot with Steve Harvey after all.

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3. Marjorie's Relationship With Steve Harvey At Age 53!

Well, it exampled like it was written in stone for Steve and Marjorie's relationship to work out. Steve Harvey, who is one of the most famous comedian personality you'd see around, also had a similar history like as of Marjorie and her divorces.

According to wiki sources, they were dating since Steve got married to his second wife, Shackelford. Shackelford's main reason for divorcing Steve was only because of relationship insecurities with him as he followed Marjorie a lot.

Marjorie, who often claimed Steve was not her type, finally decided to walk down the aisle with him in 2007. 

This dragged headlines out of media and speculators started pointing that her act was nothing short of gold digging as she was getting older and no one would fall for her anytime soon.

Steve being much happier, at that time, than she was with the relationship sorted out the story to some extent. 

Happy Together: Steve and his Wife attending the ceremony of their SMHF foundation on 2 June 2018 (Picture Source Popsugar)

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He even admitted many times that Marjorie was changing his life and inspiring him to become a much better man.

Despite having a deep and complicated history, the couple has finally put a full stop to their relationship saga as they recently enjoyed their 11th year of togetherness.