American model and actress Nicolette Scorsese is one of the glamorous actresses of the early 90s. She owned hearts with her performances in movies such as National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Boxing Helena. 

It's been over 30-years since the National Lampoon’s initial release, but her brief performance as ‘Mary’ is still praised world-wide. 

First Boyfriend: Sean Penn

Nicolette Scorsese's first public relationship was with Mystic River actor Sean Penn during the 1990s. The pair's first appeared together at the first annual International Rock Awards at New York State Armory in 1989.

After their initial appearance, however, their relationship didn't hit any headlines. Instead, the Girls in Prison actress got rumored to be dating American model Antonio Sabato Jr. She had reportedly met him during her modeling career.

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Mother to Billy Duffy’s Child?

While Nicolette stays far from the cameras, rumors about her being a mother and having a husband have never ceased. 

The famed actress was in a relationship with singer Billy Duffy in the late 90s. The birth of Billy's daughter, Shilo Duffy, hinted that the couple could have married. However, the facts about Shilo being Scorsese's daughter have never surfaced out.

Related To Director Martin Scorsese?

Another person to be linked to Scorsese was none other than the American film director, Martin Scorsese.

Even though they both share the same surname and have worked in Hollywood, Martin is not related to the actress. Martin has married at least five times in his lifetime and has never been linked with Nicolette.

As of now, the Lone Greasers star lives her life away from the limelight. She went MIA from both the big screen and the small screen after her appearance in NYPD Blue in 2000.