Nicolette Scorsese, an American model, had a glittering career both as an actor and model. Glittering in every sense, as she had built an image of one of the most glamorous actresses of her time through her raunchy performances in the movies she acted esp. “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” 

It's been over 20-years since the film's initial release and remains one of the sexiest performance by an actor in a feature film. Despite the movie's legacy remaining intact, Nicolette has completely surfaced out of the media, and the biggest question about her now is, "Where is she now?"

Well here's a list of some fascinating wikis on her that not only covers her bio, age, husband but also answers the most pertinent question in her life, her whereabouts now!

1. Nicolette Scorsese Wiki-Like-Bio: Net Worth

Born on 6 January 1954, Nicolette Scorsese, aged 64, is an actress best known for movies National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989), Boxing Helena (1993) and NYPD Blue (1993). 

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With Nicollete's career, a brief one consisting of just 5 acting credits, her financial gains like her total salary and income went unnoticed and it's still not determined even today. Lack of accounting regarding her salary makes the calculation of her net worth pretty hard, but it would not be a far-fetched guess to say that she could probably have banked millions through her acting career veering at her lavish lifestyle.

2. Scorsese Never Hit the Big Time

Even though her appearances were brief, Scorsese managed to leave an impressive mark on the viewer's; thanks to her good looks and stunning body.

Starting in 1985, Scorsese tried her best to settle herself in Hollywood, but maybe it was not meant for her as she never really got her “big break.” during the whole career.

And even after keeping the will and desire up until around the year 2000, she slowly disappeared from the scenario.

3. Nicolette Scorsese's Hot And Sexy Avatar

The adroit actress was well known for not her acting prowess but a diva like a figure. Her hot and sexy hourglass figure in black lace lingerie and stockings in the movie Boxing Helena still skips a few hearts even now. 

Her 35-23.5-34 inches (89-60-86 cm) body measurements were on full display in her movies and modeling projects.

However, Nicolette was not just sung in hymns of praises as she also attracted criticisms about her sexy avatar in movies(Not that it bothered her).

4. Who is Nicolette's Husband?, Daughter?

The famed sex symbol of the 90s, who captured audiences heart because of her steamy scenes and beauty, Nicolette's married life was as furtive and speculative as it gets. She was rumored to be married to singer Billy Duffy, in the later part of the 90s.

The birth of Billy's daughter Shilo Duffy seemed to ascertain the fact that the couple was married. However, the facts about Shilo being her daughter have never been proven. And her relationship with Billy has also petered out.

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Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" would adjudge her current relationship as she still has not found a perfect husband for herself.

5. Know About Nicolette Scorsese's Relationship, Now

Nicolette Scorsese's first public relationship was with big star Sean Penn during the 1990s. The pair who often went out together at various red carpet events made their first appearance at First Annual International Rock Awards in 1989 at New York State Armory.

Dating Bound: Nicolette Spotted with Sean Penn During late 1980s (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Despite being so close to each other, their relationship didn't last long and the pair broke up after dating for around a year.

During the same year, she dated American model Antonio Sabato Jr. whom she met during her modeling career. The relationship could not last long either and as a matter of fact, the couple separated.

In the late 1990s, the sexy actress started going out with singer Billy Duffy. Although the couple kept everything behind the cameras, there were rumors of their marriage but they never hinted about their marriage. Before dating Duffy, she was linked to the musician Jelly Bean Martinez. Since then, she was never linked with anyone else.

Apart from her dating links, Nicolette's acting career was short-lived, but she did manage 5 films under her spell. However, after managing to stick around for over a decade until about 2000, she quietly slipped away from Hollywood. 

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Lately, in 2006, she was seen publicly at an Art and Culture event in Saint Laurent, Beverly Hills.

As of now, Nicolette is most probably single and living a good life on the other side as she maintains her personal life far from the eye of public and media.

6. Is Martine Scorsese Her Husband?

While Nicolette tends to stay far from the cameras, rumors about her husband have always managed to stay in front of it.

The latest to hit the rumors is Martine Scorsese.

But the answer is NO!, Nicolette Scorsese is nowhere related to Martin Scorsese. Even though the strong proofs that they both share the same surname and have worked together in Hollywood, they are not related to each other in any way.

Adding more to the fact is the famous director stands 12 years older than the actress. There have never been any official pieces of information regarding their marriage.

Furthermore, Martin has been married at least five times in his lifetime but has never been married to specific Nicolette.

While on Nicolette's side, her marriage details have always stayed around rumors.