CNN Reporter, Jeremy Diamond's impressive support for gay rights led to people thinking about his sexual preferences, and he didn't waste a single time to burst the bubble as he introduced his special one.

Jeremy Diamond is well known as the reporter for CNN politics based in Washington, D.C., who covers the White House and the Trump administration.

Age Of Online Critics: Jeremy Diamond puts forward his thoughts on the criticism that Donald Trump was facing over the London attack tweets (Published on 16 September 2017)

Jeremy Diamond has got a massive fanbase on Twitter as he has garnered 61.2k followers to date. 

Jeremy Diamond’s Bio: Age, Education & College Journalism

The CNN White House Reporter graduated Cum Laude with a degree in international affairs from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

However, there’s no information on his age, but he blows his birthday candle every 15 January.

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Jeremy earned his journalism techniques as a news editor and reporter at the independent student newspaper of the George Washington University, GW Hatchet.

Being a fluent speaker of Spanish, French, and Hebrew, Jeremy hasn’t revealed about his barely assumable ethnicity.

When at college, he broke a national news story that uncovered the misrepresentation of the school’s financial aid policy done by university officials.

The story won a Pinnacle Award from the College Media Association and the Institute on Political Journalism’s Collegiate Journalism Award.

Jeremy Diamond’s Journey From Chasing Trump To White House Reporting

After the amount of attention Jeremy got from his national news story, he successfully went through a couple of internships with CNN network. It was in September 2014 that he officially joined CNN Politics as a reporter.

Jeremy used to report on the rise of President Donald Trump, as he traveled across the country as an unfaltering reporter. He reported with his campaign from its initiation through the election day.

It wasn’t long until Jeremy started to cover the White House affairs. During his tenure of covering the White House, Jeremy has reported on several domestic policy and politics, foreign policy, behind-the-curtains details of West Wing strife, the influence of the special counsel’s investigation and the breaking stories of North Korea’s administration’s policy.

Jeremy Diamond’s Net worth In 2018

According to sources, an average CNN reporter can earn a salary ranging from $47,667 to $52,108. Seeing that Jeremy is not any CNN reporter but a White House CNN reporter, there’s no doubt that he earns more than the mentioned amounts.

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Jeremy covers both the White House and the Trump administration which must obviously be paying him a considerable amount of salary, so it’s safe to say that his net worth is counted in probably millions of dollars.

Jeremy Diamond Supports Gays From His Heart

Now, it’s no surprise or a hidden fact that Jeremy openly supports gay rights and same-sex marriage as he non-hesitantly shares articles supporting or reporting on topics regarding the gay.

He has written on many gay issues, and the views of Evangelical leaders on the demanded gay rights. The CNN reporter doesn’t back down when it comes to sharing his support for gay marriage on the online platform.

Gay Task Force: Jeremy announcing the arrival of gay marriage supporters outside the Supreme Court on Twitter on 26 June 2015 (Photo: Jeremy Diamond’s Twitter)

And Jeremy even wrote on Trump’s plans to reinstate a ban on transgender individuals from the military serving.

He wrote on behalf of several LGBT leaders and civil rights groups, which escalated to the rumors of him being a gay himself.

Well, unfortunately for the gay people who think of him as a heartthrob, Jeremy has already got a woman by his side who has called dibs on him.

Jeremy Diamond Is Dating His Reporter Girlfriend, Ali Vitali

As a CNN White House Reporter, Jeremy has found his perfect match, NBC White House Reporter, Ali Vitali. It wasn’t until September 2016 that Jeremy revealed his girlfriend on Instagram.

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The two are absolutely adorable as they often share pictures with each other and barely hesitate on showing immense affection for their partner.

Relationship Goals: Ali posts a picture with Jeremy as they pose for a selfie on Instagram on 30 April 2018 (Photo: Ali Vitali’s Instagram)

The pair shares a deep bond and manages to spend quality time with each other despite their occupied schedule as political reporters.

They do spare some time to go on rare vacations as they escape from the busy environment of their work and unchanging mundane routine. They’ve come a long way in their relationship, and it might already be time to make their eternal promises.