American YouTuber Jenna Nicole Mourey had experienced relationship failure twice, but she moved on from those splits and ended up crediting her with a blissful relationship.

The New York native is mostly known as Jenna Marbles after she got globally recognized by her YouTube channel JennaMarbles.

Dogs & Love: Jenna Marbles makes treats for her dogs in a video on her YouTube channel (Published on 27 Sep 2018)

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Jenna Nicole Mourey releases videos with her three dogs in the recent times, one of whose name is Marbles. She is also seen doing weird makeovers and reacting to videos, which are very popular on her Youtube channel.

Jenna Marbles Bio: Age, Parents, Education

Jenna Marbles was born on 15 September 1986 as Jenna Nicole Mourey in Rochester, New York in the United States of America.

She was born to a chemist father, who also holds many patents. Her mother separated from her father when Jenna was quite young, dates of which are unknown. Jenna, who also had a younger brother named Devon Mourey, had to move with her mother due to the divorce. 

Jenna attended the Suffolk University in Boston, from where she obtained a degree in Psychology. She also later attended the Boston University for a Masters of Education in Sports Psychology and Counseling. 

Her Career From Bartending To Youtubing; Net Worth

Even after receiving an education in Psychology, the New York native ended up being in a dilemma in regards to her profession and ended up working in various fields including bartending. Later, she joined the and learned skills like blogging, and video-making.

After making various videos there, Jenna finally created her channel JennaMarbles in February 2010 and started posting videos. 

Jenna's video titled How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good-Looking became an instant hit the same year and ended up amassing popularity for Jenna. With consistent uploading of videos about beauty, life hacks, pregnancy, and others, Jenna eventually became an Internet sensation and garnered over 18 million subscribers in her channel.

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Though she doesn't have works to credit with her specific salary, Jenna earns a hefty net worth from her YouTubing. Her total net worth till date is supposed to be $5 million whereas her annual income from the channel is believed to be over $6.5 m. Jenna even bought a house in the early months of 2018.

Jenna Marbles Dating YouTuber Boyfriend

Gushing about love life, Jenna was in a four-year-long relationship with a boy named Willy during her high school. After her breakup with Willy, she moved on with her boyfriend named Max Weisz. 

The couple had met when both of them were attending the graduate school at Boston University. However, their relationship too didn't end well as they broke off after four years of dating in 2012.

Jenna and Max are still friends to each other, as Jenna has been quoted saying about former boyfriend on her fandom page:

For the record, Max and I did break up, but we're still friends forever. We were together for four years; you don't just break up and not hand scissor each other.

After the break-up with the former boyfriend in December 2012, Jenna has been in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Julien Solomita since 2013. 

The couple first met at a bar where Julien used to work. They noticed each other after several meetings, and eventually became friends. Later, after knowing each other, the pair finally started their relationship.

Jenna Flaunts Relationship On Social Media, Living Together!

The couple timely appears in each other's video and openly flaunt their relationship. They even share pictures of each other via Instagram and showcase their affection for each other.

With their updates on their adorable relationship, Jenna, and Julien together have set relationship goals. Interestingly, they even hosted their podcast, titled  Jenna and Julien Podcast since November 2014.

Boyfriend Trivia: Jenna Marbles sews a Romphim for boyfriend Julien Solomita on 14 June 2018 (Photo: YouTube)

As for the latest, the couple announced on 16 May 2018, that they bought a house together and fulfilled their life-long dream. The couple is since then living in their lavish house that consists of a pool and a double closet room. 

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Though Jenna and Julien are yet to be engaged and married, they are already living a married-like-life together and are super cute!