A Michigan native conquered an elongated distance to meet the love of his life whom he initially met through social media. And now, he is traveling the world with his soulmate.

Nathan Schwandt is one of many internet personalities who gained his fame through Instagram. He is also more popularly known for being the boyfriend of transgender American pop singer and fashion designer.

Instagram Star Nathan’s Bio: Boyfriend of Androgynous Beauty Influencer

Nathan was born on 18 August 1993 in Michigan. Not much known about his parents, but as per wiki, he has a little brother named Zachary Taylor Schwandt aka Zack Schwandt, who is also an Instagram star. His brother, Zack boasts more than 187k followers on his Instagram account named as "zach.taylors."

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Both the brothers share the close bond and prefers to spend time together, which is manifested by the posts on their respective Instagram. Celebrating the 25th birthday of Nathan, they went on the trip to Providenciales, the island in Turks And Caicos archipelago, in the Atlantic Ocean in August 2018. The brothers even shared the shirtless picture of enjoying on the island.

Shirtless brothers on the celebration: Nathan Schwandt enjoys the birthday trip in the island of Turks And Caicos with his brother, Zack Schwandt in August 2018. (Nathan Schwandt's Instagram)

Nathan, age 24, has more than1.5 million followers on his Instagram account where he shows his passion for tattoos and skateboarding. Nathan has spent time working with Star’s Cosmetic company and also started his own Marijuana side business along with his partner.

Girlfriend Identified As Gay In Fifth Grade

Instagrammer Nathan is a boyfriend of Androgynous beauty influencer, Jeffree Star. Jeffree is a gender-bending singer, fashion designer and DJ who has over seven million YouTube subscribers and almost six million Instagram followers. He also owns a makeup line business, Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

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Jeffree identified himself as gay when he was in fifth grade. Now when it comes to his gender, he refers to himself as androgynous.

Nathan, who had only been with women in the past, caused the internet to go crazy when he started dating Jeffree.

Nathan Impoverishes His Girlfriend’s Seven-Year Single Streak

Jeffree is the first man Nathan has ever been with. Skateboarding lover had only been with women in his life before he met Jeffree on the internet.

The unique couple initially met through Instagram in 2015. According to the pair’s first Q&A session on Jeffree’s YouTube page, Nathan messaged Jeffree on Instagram as he made the first move in their romantic relationship.

After several months of texting and video calling, Nathan was invited to fly out to Los Angeles by Jeffree. Wasting no time, he flew over to California to meet him, and it happened to be his best fly ever as he finally found his soulmate. Since then, things turned into something serious, and they started dating each other.

Love everywhere: Nathan and Jeffree’s flourishes their love through lovely stare at each other in May 2018. (Photo: Nathan’s Instagram)

Jeffree, who had a long list of ex’s in the past, has been single for more than seven years before he met Nathan. He admitted it was too difficult to commit to a serious relationship before Nathan as it was hard to find a partner that was open to dating in public.

As of now, they are completely committed to each other and occasionally flaunts their love on social media. They run a business and do make collaboration together. Jeffree is also extremely close to Nathan’s family. The couple even bought a house in Nathan's hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan to connect with his family.

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In June 2018, the couple explored the Palisade Falls, Hyalite Canyon in Montana through hiking. Nathan even took his Instagram to share the moments of hiking at the waterfall with his beautiful "other half." Similarly, they recently enjoyed the romantic time together during a Sydney tour in September 2018.

While being together over three years, it seems we won’t be hearing wedding bells anytime soon as the two have openly admitted they’re not rushing to get married.

However, Jeffree already refers to himself as Nathan’s wife, and they are parents of five Pomeranians (Lil-Drama, Delicious, Daddy, Drama, Diamond, and Diva).