Despite having been married for more than 60 years, and a large family to flank, Jean Goebel still wanted more of the memories. Jean and her husband still had a lot to learn and were given a new memory to cherish by the family for the Christmas of 2017.

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Jean Goebel is the better half of multiple award-winning veteran journalist Dan Rather. Dan is a news journalist and has been a news anchor for the CBS.

He also corresponded news during pivotal events in the history of the United States such as Kennedy Assassination in Dallas. 

How Jean Goebel Met Dan Rather? 

 Jean Goebel's sister worked at KTRH, a Houston CBS radio affiliate while Jean worked as a secretary in a private firm.

It was through her sister; she came to know about Dan, who was serving as the news director for KTRH in 1956. Her sister introduced Jean to Dan, and during the introduction, she addressed Dan as an attractive, smart and friendly guy. Shortly after their first meeting, they fell in love with each other and started dating in the same year. 

Without spending time, the couple transformed their dating life to married life. They got married in 1957. After a year, Jean and her husband Dan welcomed their first child, a daughter named Robin.

The newer addition to the family made Dan more serious about his parenthood and Jean more committed to being a good mother. Dan took his profession to another level with his journey in the news business and made the upbringing easier for Jean with his involvement during the whole process.

Similarly, the family of three turned to four after welcoming son Danjack, in 1960. With Dan touching newer heights in his professional life it was left for Jean to look after the house and kids.

Starting as a pressman for several news agencies and radio FMs during his initial phase of career; he progressed to the post of a news presenter for CBS in 1970. Similarly, he also hosted the flagship program of CBS, CBS Evening News for more than 20 years. 

Jean & Dan Raised Children In Proper Manner

During his broadcasting journey, Dan had to stay out of his home for extended periods, and Jean used to take over the house and made sure that her children were raised up correctly while her husband was away. Jean sacrificed her time and everything for the well being of her husband and children.

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And when her husband was at home, the family spent their days visiting places and attending various red tape events together.

Dan Rather and his wife Jean Goebel pose on the red carpet at the Texas Medal of Arts Awards on Wednesday, February 25, at the Long Center in Austin, Texas. (Photo:

Currently, Jean and her family reside in Texas. Having passed more than 60 years of married life together, Jean and Dan are an example of an ideal couple. 

Highlights Christmas Game Played With Family To Show Their Togetherness

The couple is still making memories despite having seen it all.

Jean's husband posted in Facebook outlining a game the family played in Christmas 2017. It was just a typical quiz game in Jean's grandson's smartphone.  

The rules of the game were simple, answer 12 questions and win a jackpot. Jean's grandson answered the question regarding rapper Kendrick Lamar correctly, and Jean weighed in with her expertise in arts and crafts for another problem.

Jean's husband Dan answered a trivia about Iran-Contra scandal and the old-aged couple's son Danjack replied correctly about Phil Collins and Genesis. 

The Rather family outclassed all other players and were the worthy winners of a $30 prize. However, Dan who has a net worth of $70 million highlighted that the game was not about winning a significant sum but about playing as a family and having memories to cherish.

He further added that most important was sharing a spirit of love and family and the Rather family had done that for the Christmas of 2017. 

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With so much time together with her husband and the rejoice in raising the children well, Jean has rather an important role in the professional success of Dan. The ever-loving couple has spent six decades of love and it is for certain that they will be for many years.