Jean Goebel is the wife of award-winning veteran journalist Dan Rather. The pair have been together for over 63 years.

Here's all that you need to know about Jean Goebel's age, marriage, and kids!

How Jean Goebel Met Husband, Dan Rather

Jean Goebel's sister worked at KTRH, a Houston CBS radio affiliate, while Jean worked in a private firm as a secretary.

Through her sister, she came to know Dan, who served as the news director for KTRH in 1956.

Her sister introduced Jean to Dan after she came to the KTRH for a secretarial position. During the introduction, she addressed him as an attractive, smart, and friendly guy. Shortly after their first meeting, they fell in love with each other and started dating in the same year. 

The couple married in 1957.

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Jean Goebel's Children

A year after the wedding, Jean and her husband Dan welcomed their first child, a daughter, Robin Rather. The family-of-three turned to four after Goebel gave birth to a son, Danjack Rather, in 1960.

During his broadcasting journey, Dan had to stay out of his home for extended periods. He was home for only 31 days a year in the times of the civil rights movement.

In his absence, Jean looked after the household and the kids. She made sure the family remained strong while supporting her husband's career.

Her husband praised her dedication towards the family while talking to CloserWeekly. He said,

I never take it for granted. I’m still working at it. Because if for any reason Jean left me, I wouldn’t be worth a damn.

Starting as a pressman for several news agencies and radio FMs, her partner-in-crime had progressed to the post of a news presenter for CBS in 1970. Similarly, he hosted CBS's flagship program, CBS Evening News, for over 20 years. 

Currently, Jean and her family live in New York. Having passed over 60 years of married life together, Jean and Dan are an example of a perfect couple. 

Family Members' Profession 

Goebel's husband is a veteran journalist who served the CBS News for 44 years. The 89-year-old hosts AXS TV's show, The Big Interview with Dan Rather

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Like her husband, her kids also have a successful career. Her 61-years-old daughter, Robin Rather, is an environmental activist with expertise on sustainability. Her 59-years-old son, Danjack, is an attorney. He retired after serving as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan for almost 33 years.

From Danjack's marriage, Goebel has two grandchildren.

Her eldest grandson, Martin Rather, is an aspiring election lawyer. The 23-year-old got his Master's degree from Columbia Journalism School in May 2019. He holds a close relationship with his grandparents.

Her other grandson, Andy Rather, is into public service.

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Prioritizes Family Values

In 2017, Jean and her family played a quiz on Christmas. It was just a typical quiz game on Jean's grandson's smartphone.

The rules of the game were simple, answer 12 questions and win a jackpot. Jean's grandson answered the question regarding rapper Kendrick Lamar correctly, and Jean weighed in with her expertise in arts and crafts for another problem.

Jean's husband Dan answered a trivia about the Iran-Contra scandal, and the old-aged couple's son Danjack replied correctly about Phil Collins and Genesis. 

The Rather family outclassed all other players and were the worthy winners of a $30 prize. Dan, who has a net worth of $70 million, highlighted that the game was not about winning a significant sum but about playing as a family and having memories to cherish.

He further added sharing a spirit of love and family was important, and the Rather family had done that for the Christmas of 2017.