Gina Kimmel turned her college sweetheart into the husband who turned out to be famous comedian over the years and left her behind calling off on the marriage. Anyways, not every college sweethearts who marry, take their relationship to an eternity.

The American native became popular for being the wife of Jimmy Kimmel. Besides, she has earned a handful recognition through movies like The Man Show in 1999 and Party Like The Queen Of France in 2012.

Here are some wiki/ facts about Gina Kimmel ranging from her bio, net worth, husband, children, and divorce.

1.Gina Kimmel's Wiki-Like Bio (Age)

Gina, aged 53, was born on 13 December 1964 in the United States as Gina Maddy. She was born to father James Maddy whereas her mother’s name is not known.

The actress attended the North Illinois University (1983–1985) and Arizona State University (1985–1988). However, her field of study is not known yet.

But she might have taken art and design as she is a reputed designer as well and runs her own Vintage Lingerie Company.

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2. Gina Kimmel's Net Worth In 2018

The established designer has her vintage lingerie company, Maddy James, named after her father. She is supposed to make out an impressive net worth range of $18,930 to $85,340 form the business.

The income she boasted as an actress in not know just as much is not exposed about her property.

3. Gina Kimmel & Then Husband, Jimmy Kimmel Welcomed Two Children

Gina found her future husband in college sweetheart, in Arizona State University. The dates must have just clicked for it didn’t take them long to take a step up turning their gig into marriage.

Gina and Jimmy recited their wedding vows in June 1988. The then-newlywed lived their moment of love resulting two children; elder daughter Katie Kimmel born in 1991 and younger son Kevin Kimmel born in 1993.

Children Grown Up: Gina Kimmel Boasting her children who are in their twenties. November 2017 (Photo: Gina Kimmel's Instagram)

The Kimmel family lived a decade in glee, unaware of the fate that was to follow in the middle the following decade.

4. Jimmy Kimmel Divorce With Gina Kimmel For Someone Else? 

A turbulence intervened in the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Kimmel as Mr. Kimmel went on gathering popularity in Television.

The Man Show star host might have had enough of the existing family when he ran down on an affair with fellow female comedian, Sarah Silverman in early 2002.

This caused a crack between the former husband and wife leading to divorce in June 2003.  

Jimmy’s relationship with Sarah lasted till March 2008. But this man didn’t last alone without a woman as he married a writer, Molly McNearney from his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2013.

The humorous anchor is now a happily married man while Gina still gets surfed as “Jimmy Kimmel’s ex-wife”.

5. Gina Kimmel's Life After Divorce With Husband 

Putting an end to once what existed is a whole new experience on its own. Some get through it and move on while some can’t stop riding down an emotional roller coaster quite a long time. Gina seems to fall under the former category.

The former husband left, but he left behind two children, not that young but not grown up as well. Gina took the responsibility of the children to herself and as of now both of them have grown up to their twenties; daughter Katie as blooming designer and aspiring actress and son Kevin as an actor in the industry.

But what about the former wife? Has she been able to move on?

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Looks like she has moved on or for the least, she is trying to. There is a mystery man in her life since 2014. She certainly is dating him.

The designer has not spilled out her mystery man’s name yet, which is why the man is still a mystery. But, his speculated name is Chris Jones.

If not the name, the surname is definitely Jones as referred by Gina in one of her Instagram posts. She also shares her date snaps with the man now and then.

Lovebirds: Gina Kimmel dating another man after divorce with former husband Jimmy Kimmel. July 2017 (Photo: Gina Kimmel's Instagram)

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Has the dating gone to engagement or even wedding or will it ever reach there, is a secret only the lovebirds can unveil. Nevertheless the position in their relationship, Gina looks happy and she deserves it.