Producer Gianna Toboni has a blissful relationship with her husband, and the two have been weaving a beautiful relationship that grows stronger by the day. 

San Francisco native is famously known as a correspondent and a producer for her Emmy-award-winning feature show Vice. She has also worked as a correspondent for major journalism media houses like Al Jazeera and ABC News. 

Here are a few quick wiki facts regarding her age, family, net worth, wedding, and spouse:

Gianna Toboni's Wiki-Like-Bio: Age, Parents, Education

The 30-year-old Gianna was born on July 14, 1988, in San Francisco, California.

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Gianna grew up in the Richmond district of San Fransisco. Since Toboni is a very private person, there is not much information regarding her upbringing, parents, and siblings. However, it has come to the popular press' attention that her family inspired her to choose journalism as her career.

Gianna, age 30, graduated from New York University with a degree in journalism. As a junior journalist, she landed stints at major news media houses like Al Jazeera and ABC news.

Gianna Toboni Career Ladder and Net Worth

Her involvement in media coverage and journalism first started during her college days when Gianna worked as an intern. Later, she landed a job as a booker, field producer, and digital correspondent for ABC News. After quitting her job at the ABC, Gianna started raising money to fund her ambitious long-form feature based in Haiti which caught the attention of VICE.

The film exposed the sexual abuse of women and children by the United Nations personnel known as "Peacekeepers Turned Perpetrators." The story progressed and crafted a pathway for Gianna to Vice as the video was aired on the show. She also became a full-time worker on Vice and became good friends with co-worker Isobel Yeung.

Doing Work: Gianna Toboni interviewing an Ethiopian refugee (Source: Gianna Toboni's Instagram)

Since then, the pair has covered numerous stories from over 20 countries. Gianna has interviewed ISIS fighters, Egyptian Tomb Raiders, and even reported from the front lines in Iraq while chronicling stories. 

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In an interview with The Window, Gianna shared that she was a tag-along figure, inspiring and motivating the youths of today to make full use of the free press. 

I’m interested in exploring those issues and figuring out why they are so pervasive in our culture in 2017...Ideally, what we need is citizens in all of the countries, including ours, to understand the value of a free press and stand up and demand it.

Except for the exact figures of her net worth, Gianna's professional life remains entirely open. She even won an award at GLAAD Award Show for Outstanding TV Journalism in 2013. She was also invited for a TEDx Talk in 2014.

Gianna Toboni's Husband & Their Low-Key Relationship!

With aspiring stories from all over the world, Gianna acquired huge success and attention. And her fame and success are complemented by her blissful relationship with a long-time partner.

Gianna, age 30, has been in a long-term relationship with her partner Kyle Buckley. Although it is not sure when the couple started dating and how their love flourished, their social media reflects that they have been together since 2012. 

Gianna first Instagrammed a picture of her boyfriend with his large dog Baloo back on August 24, 2012. Since the date, Gianna updated her account routinely with the pictures taken with Kyle and his hound, cautiously not mentioning much of their relationship. 

Gianna Toboni poses with long-time boyfriend Kyle Buckley on June 20, 2016 (Photo: Gianna Toboni's Instagram)

Kyle too uploaded pictures on the Instagram page of Baloo time and again, and hinted that their relationship was smooth as butter. On July 2, 2017, Gianna posted an adorable picture of her partner playing with a kid and in the caption, she wrote, "Happy Canada Day to my Canadian family."

Gianna Secretly Married In California 

Later, Gianna moved from New York to California in August 2017 and shared the migration news with her Instagram followers via a post. After a month of coming to California, Gianna took her relationship with Kyle to a whole new level. 

Keeping their love life under the shade, the pair upgraded their relationship status by tying the wedding knots. The lovebirds exchanged vows and the wedding was held in Sonoma, California on September 2, 2017.

However, the duo kept the details of their intimate wedding concealed. They didn't post any pictures of their wedding on their social media accounts. Nevertheless, Gianna, on October 20, 2017, revealed that she was opening the gifts that she received for her shower, engagement, and wedding from her aunt Cath.

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As of now, Gianna has kept her marriage highly low-key as she doesn't share much about her spouse on social media. It's understandable that she has been quite busy with her career and prefers keeping her relationship with her husband on the down-low.

The couple who got married in 2017, has not yet revealed that they are having a child or have any intentions to.

As of 2018, it seems like Gianna is busy with her career and has a lot of ambition to bring news to the doorsteps of everyone with season 6 of the HBO TV Series, VICE